I started teaching today at the local girl’s High School after many weeks of hoping I would be able to. In April I met with the headmistress and was told to come back at the end of April to receive my schedule. (The students were off for the month). I came back at the end of April and found out there was now a new headmistress and that she would be coming soon (we hear this a lot here, soon means any time from in the next five minutes, to a few days to never) and that I should come back again. After several more tries I was put in touch with the deputy teacher. After a couple of thwarted meetings with him I finally received a schedule and the books yesterday and starting teaching today.

Let me just start by saying what a different world teaching is in Africa. I had maybe 30-35 girls in the class and in Canada this would be a major problem due to behavioral issues and of course the oh so dreaded marking. (Thankfully here I do not have to mark just teach, who hoo!) There are absolutely no behavior issues to speak of. I taught for a full 80 minutes and never once had to tell a student to “Get up off the floor Sally!” “Turn around Susan.” “What did I just say Brittany?” “I’m up here Jane.” Oh it was bliss. I was only supposed to teach for 40 minutes but I didn’t have a watch and no one came to start another class so I just kept teaching. Whoops! In Canada believe me I would have heard about it if I went 40 minutes over. Another interesting thing here though is that sometimes the teachers just don’t show up. They take an extended chai break in the staff room. There were many days in Edmonton and Chilliwack that I could have used one of these!

I taught them similes and metaphors and then read them some poems with said examples. I let them pound their desk three times when they heard either and did they ever love that. The method of teaching here is mainly by rote memorization so I was worried that my style would be difficult for them to adjust to but I can confidently say that the majority of the class now fully understands what similes and metaphors are.

To keep with the theme of the title, these two are FINALLY gone from Kapsowar. Just kidding, we are actually very sad that they are gone because they are so much fun. This is Hannah and Eli from the UK and we had them over last night for their farewell dinner and played with photobooth. Does this ever get old? I DON’T THINK SO!!

A bit more civilized one.

And last but not least to finish off the theme (why oh why do I feel I have to do this) I am finally posting some pictures of a night a couple weeks ago when we decided to drink some herbal tea we found in the hostel. It made many claims such as fighting off cancer, liver disease and that it would make you feel amazing. Let me just say that if you can choke it down you deserve to live a little longer. It was absolutely hideous! Hannah got these great shots on her camera.
I think this one could win another one of Joanna's ugly picture contests.

Please still be my friend Hannah after posting this picture of you. Just don't tell your friends about our blog. :)


Ryan,Grace,Penny, Tytus, Henry & Liam said...

as "ugly" as your faces are...i'm curious what the tea tastes like..hmm. i'm glad you're so excited about teaching. let's you remember why you got into it eh? quiet, attentive students, the best... and all there to hear you speak, but 40mins over? give them a little break.

chris.birrell said...

I've got to say... those faces make that tea look awfully tempting. I would love to try something that made my face do those great facial gymnastics. Congrats on the teaching gig!

Mama Bear said...

Those are some awesome faces!!!

Anonymous said...

Teaching there sounds great. How exciting! Right now, we are so close to the end of the year that I feel more like an event planner than a teacher. Yucky.
And about the tea.. What is it? Brad has some weird Ginseng tea which he swears keeps him from getting sick. But it is so disgusting to me its not worth it. The taste reminds me of metallic beef broth, the smell of it is so gross I can barely even get close enough to taste it.