Cheam cubed

Our friend Jarrid came for a visit last week and since we have found it easiest to duplicate our visitors experience (same hikes, same meals, same vacation destination) we hiked up Cheam on one of the last beautiful days of summer.

I will not bore you with too many of the same pictures three posts in a row (maybe it's a bit like the movie "Groundhog Day," every time you come to our blog you feel like you're reading the same post over and over.) but I will post a few good ones of the day.

It was much redder this week. Amazing the difference a week can make.

Then off to the sand castles.... again! This time we actually paid to get inside instead of just looking through the fence.

Marc and Jarrid looked a little like evil twins this time around. Here is what their mug shot would look like if they ever got arrested together.

We also gave Jarrid a flute we had purchased for him in Egypt. Marc took this video......

...... while I was in the kitchen making this face.

I am not a fan of the sound of the Eygptian chamfer. (Who knew that was another word for flute!)

We are off to Vancouver Island this weekend for Marc to run an adventure race. Have a great weekend!


Mama Bear said...

wow, those sand sculptures are amazing!

Erin said...

that flute thing is horrible! I can understand the face lol

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice work. I great collection of words, pictures, and video to provide the full spectrum of the experience.
Chamfer. How is that pronounced? Horrible...well I had only been playing for about 30min at that point so what does one expect. Soon I'll be charming rattle snakes in South Alberta, I just know it.

Thanks for the memories.....and pie,

marcandorkylie said...

the sandcastles really are quite incredible... every year we're amazed.

oh, and i took that flute video for its comedic value, the "chamfer" actually has a very sweet full tone when you hit it right, jarrid and i just arent very good at the thing yet.