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sept is a busy month for us. and by that i do not mean to imply that i am working very hard. i mean to imply that we are having many guests and are being sorely taxed having to ferry them around and show them all the sights of the fraser valley. our first guests are a case in point. fraser and kara stayed with us on their way home from seeing dave matthews at the gorge in washington.

on the first full day of their stay i took fraser downhilling on vedder mountain while kylie and kara walked around cultus lake and picked blackberries. fraser was a natural downhill rider. with nary a day of downhill biking experience he strapped on my friend chad's armor and proceeded to storm the mountain, complete some huge stunts and fly over his handlebars on multiple occasions. unfortunately i was too busy biking to document any of these events. the testament must be born by the length of time it continues to hurt fraser to breathe deeply.

then we trekked out to the chilliwack river where we had a fire, enjoyed eating hotdogs
and watching a young beaver show off in the current.

after that it was back to cultus lake for a late night dip.

the next day was anchored by a hike up mt cheam, the most prominent peak in chilliwack. we saw 4 bears along the way and stopped to eat some of their huckleberries while they were otherwise occupied.

mt cheam is a stunning hike with beautiful new views at every turn.

the views off steep drops well above roiling clouds were particularly awe inspiring.

once home we enjoyed my favourite food, kylie's (version of r ray's) italian stuffed pizza, along with a stunning salad and a nice bottle of wine courtesy of mister motes himself. oh, and and blackberry tart... mmm... thanks kylie and kara!

as you can tell, it has been a difficult week for us. if it wasn't for fraser and kara doing all our dishes we would be at our wits end, because my parents are coming in to town tomorrow and we are going to have to show them around all over again!


Anonymous said...

Interesting lifestyle!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a hard life my friends. very hard indeed.

Sparks said...

My ribcage still fires rivets of pain through my chest every time I breathe deeply, sneeze, laugh, roll-over in bed, lift my arm, pick something heavy up, and stretch. Through this, I can't wait until next down hilling adventure!

Roylle said...

wow!i love ur lifestyle,so excited!
Im eager to get this type trip too.