Mr. Wrinkly Pants

A conversation often heard at our house about 20 minutes before Marc has to go to work:

Marc: "Oh I forgot to find work pants." Ruffles through closet. "Here's some that aren't too wrinkly."

(Why is it that Marc has a closet full of wrinkly pants? Well I could blame the teeny, tiny, old fashioned, wrinkle making washing machine and maybe the insufficient dryer with limited space that literally ties our clothes into wrinkly knots , but the actual reason we have extra pleats and creases in our wardrobe is that I have absolutely no desire or impetus to iron those creases out.)

...Marc pulls pants out of closet, shows them to Kylie.

Kylie: "Marc those pants are way too wrinkly to go to work. Those pants are ridiculously wrinkly!"

M: "Oh they're pretty good, I'll just let them hang over the chair for awhile. The wrinkles will fall out after I wear them."

K: "MMMAAARRRRCCC, that's ludicrous! Those pants are are SOOOOOOOOOOO wrinkly, you can't be seen outside in pants like that! Give them to me, I'll go iron them."

M: "No really they're not wrinkled very much. They'll be fine."

K: "Give me your pants you crazy boy!" (Marc reluctantly hands Kylie his pants to quickly iron before he has to leave.)

Faithful readers, since we continually have this discussion at home with no resolution, you need to help us out. Are these wrinkly pants? Would you wear these to work? These wrinkles are a teensy bit extreme but Marc definitely would have said that they would be fine if they sat out for a bit.

marc wants it noted here that he explicitly stated this particular pair of pants at this particular place in time were NOT in fact fit to be worn to work... i do have standards you know.

i would like to advise you that if you were to vote pro-wrinkly, you would have all the emerg nurses in chilliwack solidly in your camp as Marc has long had a reputation as a wearer of exceptionally wrinkly clothing. Just two nights ago he was swarmed by teasing nurses as he started his shift who asked him if he had just gotten out of bed. (I was out of the house and therefore shirked my ironing duty.)

marc wants it noted here that he was wearing a scrub top. i cant be held accountable for the laundry practices of the chilli gen hospital.

Another factor in your decision may be this video made by his preceptor upon his graduation from residency making fun of his wrinkly attire back then (For those of you lacking time, the laundry improved Marc starts at 4:30):


Jess said...

I am pro-wrinkle... my mother only ironed our clothing once a year (while she watched the Oscars) and I have adopted that tradition. If an item of clothing is indeed “too” wrinkly (this rarely happens) I just don’t wear it… it goes in a basket until I get the urge to iron a whole bunch of stuff. Other wise it’s wear as is. On occasion I take cloths in the bathroom with me so the steam from my shower will help get the wrinkles out. What it really comes down to is I just don’t care that much.
Paul on the other hand is VERY anti-wrinkle. Paul retrieves his clothing from the drier within 2 min of the end of the cycle. He then irons the clothing and hangs them in the closet. Then when he chooses to wear one of these items of clothing he will re-iron it just before wearing. Sometimes he will iron it three times, once when it comes fresh out of the drier, once the day before and once the day of (for important events). In between he polishes his shoes, something I also don’t do.

Mama Bear said...

k, that's hilarious.

Erin said...

LOL!! That video is hilarious. Okay, so for the serious issue at hand... I think I'd have to say somewhere between pro and anti wrinkle. I don't iron very often and have worn wrinkly clothes to work. I have felt a little self-conscious about it but I don't think anyone ever commented on it and I really couldn't be bothered with ironing. Now, in Marc's case - people make fun of his notorious wrinkle wearing state. So, my advice would be to make sure you hang up your clothes right when they finish drying. And if the issue is the dryer then perhaps take them out a little early, shake em out and hang them on a rack to finish drying... perhaps this will help to eliminate the wrinkles without having the chore of ironing. I hope that I have been of some assistance in this matter. Please feel free to contact me for further discussion.

Anonymous said...

I have a dream that the world will judge a person, not by the wrinkles in his clothes, but by the quality of his character

Anonymous said...

I have the solution.

As you know, I am pro ironing. I have been told on several occasions and by several individuals that I iron too much.

What you need, and I need for that matter, is a quality garment industry worthy steamer. Volya has one and it is magic. So much faster and easier than an Iron. It will set you back some cash, but I think it is the way to a tidy, socially pressured future for Marc's, and by the sounds of it perhaps Kylie's, wrinkle laden garb.

Now as for that video. Quite the likeness. A characiture (sp?) of Marc, but not an accurate representation of his character.

Full Steam Ahead,

Lowell & Julie said...

If you have trouble ironing work pants, does this mean you don't iron your underwear and sheets either? Clearly you didn't inherit you Grandmother's keen ironing sense, Kylie!

PS- Turn your skype on so we can chat!