November Memories

One of the reasons Marc and I enjoy appreciate blogging so much is purely selfish. We enjoy looking back on our lives and what we were doing last year at this time or even two years ago. Soon we will be able to look back on three years ago! My how time flies when you are having fun.

Last year on the eve of December we were here . . .
After just having spent three weeks in Zanzibar . . .
As I said, we have had our blog for almost three years now and it is so enjoyable to have a journal (with pictures!) to record our lives. Speaking of journals, I recently found this blog that could be ripped from a page of my journal in high school. It claims it is fiction but I sooooo want it to be true! (Maybe one day when I am feeling brave I will post a snippet of my journal for all to see.)

Marc and I decorated for Christmas on Friday and after 7 1/2 years (Ack!!) of marriage we finally decided to get a Christmas tree. We never get a real tree because we always go home to Alberta for Christmas but this year I decided it twas time to deck the halls (or living room) with a tree. (If you can call an artificial tree a tree.)

We (read I) had a great time putting up the ornaments on our new purchase. I had taken my Christmas ornaments from my mom's house about 6 years ago but since we had no tree to decorate had not taken them out. It was so fun to go through my childhood ornaments and think of all the memories.

We also put on our gas fireplace on for the first time in almost two years to the day. Marc's parents and Shareen and Craig were visiting in November 2006 and this picture was taken after one of Craig's basketball games. Oh what a funny picture!! I especially love S and C's great pose, not paying any attention to the weird goings on beside them.
After decorating the tree, I made eggnog cream puffs for dessert which were so easy and tasty and we inhaled them in front of the fire after dinner. (I think I had about 4 and Marc about 12.) ;) Cream puffs reminded me of when I made them in Kapsowar. Making them with no electricity at a high altitude was much more difficult than making them in Chilliwack.
Kapsowarian cream puffs. . .
A Chilliwackean in the process of making cream puffs . . .

The living room and tree in progress . .

Is it just me or is Santa eyeing those cream puffs?

The finished product . . .
Hope you all had a great last weekend in November and happy December to all and to all a good night!


Lowell & Julie said...

1. I know what you mean! Just today Lowell and I were talking about how fun it will be in a few years to look back on our NZ blog posts. I also include pictures/stories for purely selfish reasons (b/c I know no one else cares about them, but I'LL want to see them later!)

2. Love the Christmas tree! Like I said yesterday on skype, I'm having the HARDEST time getting into the Christmas spirit! All this sunshine really throws me off! Perhaps we should invest in a tree. Maybe that would help!

3. Lowell is sooooo jealous about those eggnog creampuffs, Apparently they don't have eggnog here, and that's quite possibly Lowell's number one FAVOURITE thing about Christmas.

4. We're checking out the campervan after work tomorrow. We'll report back!

5. Gotta go- PP is on (hee hee:)

diana said...

Nice to see you all settled for a home Christmas. Feels warm and yummy (like the eggnog puffs!) x

Anonymous said...

Your tree looks lovely and so full of ornaments that are so familiar.
The picture of the finished tree with the fireplace blazing and
Santa gazing longingly at the cream puffs is so inviting! I want to curl up on your couch with Christmas carols softly playing in the background and a warm mug of Christmas tea in my hands and just enjoy the specialness of this time of year.
So looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple of weeks.

Love you,

Mama Bear said...

love the cute little christmas tree!