Not a flop!

I have attempted to make bread products here twice and both times they were a flop. I had a wonderful idea the first week we were here to make bread sticks and dip them in tomato sauce, (voila pizza sticks!) but sadly they did not rise properly. I asked around for advice and was told to make sure I put the dough in the oven to rise and cover it with a damp cloth. The next week I decided to attempt pizza dough (do you sense a theme here?) and followed all the advice I was given to a T. Unfortunately the dough did not rise. Our guests raved about our “thin crust pizza” but still I was perplexed. I still am not sure what I did wrong.

Today I decided to make something that needed to rise. It however did not have yeast (which I think may be part of the rising problem, it is quick rise yeast that I have.) Our neighbour girl is having her fourth birthday party tomorrow and I said I would bring some fingerfood. Last night we had mango crisp (mmm delicious) and I made some dreamwhip to go with it. We had an excess of dreamwhip left over and I wanted to use it for the party. What goes great with dreamwhip you say?? CREAM PUFFS! And I am happy to report that they rose to perfection! Here they are in all their glory.

Fresh out of the oven: (No, that is not a hole from my finger in one of them.)

Cream puffs by kerosene light:

In other news we received our first package (with lots of baking goods, pictures, slippers and a newspaper article!) from Marc’s parents. I love getting packages. We also got a letter in the mail today from our friend in Uganda. We are hoping to get out there sometime in the Fall to visit the people that we met when we were there in 2003. Well off to stuff some cream puffs. Have a great weekend all, we miss you!

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Soove said...

Hey Kylie... got your blog off of Chareen's - re: the bread situation - I hear you! There is something I remember from being in Kenya about rising bread at high altitude... you have to put in more of something or less of something or let it rise longer or shorter - I can't remember. BUT, since I am sitting around at work waiting for someone to show up for last appt of the day and had a couple minutes to kill, I tracked down a high altitude bread recipe on the world wide web for ya. Try it at http://www.sceneinsantafe.com/Fun/Bread/index.html

if that doesn't work google bread, recipe, high altitude and see what you get. This one is for 7000 feet but you guys are at about 5200 where you are (that's Nairobi) - you might be higher still in Rift... so it might work.

Hope all is well. I miss it there. Give my love to the country!