first visitors!

we have just confirmed that our friends josh and kendra are coming to visit us for the weekend! our inaugural guests will recieve a very warm welcome complete with private bedrooms, fresh eggs for breakfast and lovely candlelit dinners when the power goes out.

here is a picture of our living room during said power outage.

and here is our kitchen with the power working.

last weekend we hitched a ride with a hospital vehicle to eldoret, the nearest major center. the roads are currently in excellent condition because this area hasnt seen rain for a few months, but a surprise 15min downpour yesterday signalled the beginning of the rainy season, so we are getting ready for some serious mud!

this is a mobile shop we saw on the way to eldoret.

on the way home we stopped briefly at a nice viewpoint overlooking the rift valley. we havent done much hiking here yet, but most of the trails around here will look down on a view like this.

the hospital is still moving pretty slowly, which is giving me time to read and to prepare tutorials for the medical students and the sudanese interns that kylie mentioned in our last post. the teaching aspect of my job here has kept me on my toes. we are excited about developing connections with jacob and ajack, the sudanese interns, as well as the regular rotation of medical students from europe, north america and australia.


Anonymous said...

OH how I wish I could be among your visiters! So glad to hear that you have arrived safely - thanks for the email. I'm excited to hear more about where you are and what you are both doing. Who knows....maybe you'll be there long enough for Andrew and I to get out to visit you! Do you take honeymoon reservations? ;)

Love you guys! I'll check in from time to time to see what you're up to.

Anonymous said...

Your house looks so cozy and inviting. Loved the glow of the kerosene lighting. The view from your hike is very inviting. I can hardly wait to see such sights. Love you lots.