Birthday Celebrations

Today I attended a birthday for Chara (one of the doctors kids) and I brought the Cream Puffs mentioned in my previous post. They were quite the hit! The party today was such a wonderful way to spend the morning. (And not because of the cream puffs or the cake and ICE CREAM!!! Yes I did say ice cream.)

The Birthday Girl:

Ajack and the Birthday Girl:
What made the party so wonderful was that there was both local kids and "western" kids. (We feel so blessed to be working at a place where the missionaries interact with the locals. We know it is not like this everywhere and it is such a great experience to see the local kids playing alongside the visitors.) Seeing the local kids so included and how much they enjoyed the party was such a treat. The best part of the party for me was seeing the Kenyan kids throwing water balloons at a target and hearing their squeals of delight and seeing their faces light up when their balloons exploded. Joy transcends language! (It was also very amusing when they went after the birthday girls dad with the water balloons and soaked his backside.)

Water balloons:

Three party girls (and a boy!)
On the left Natalie (pre-med student from the US), Carrie (nurse from the US) and of course moi!

Let them eat cake!
All in all an excellent party!

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