Amsterdam: A Picture Essay

These shoes cost 2000 euros. Wow!

2 pancakes - spinach bacon tomatoe and lots of cheese, and bacon and apple. mmmm
this giant tortoise weighed 200 lbs.


Anonymous said...

You guys look ike you are having so much fun! Those pancakes look yummy.What was that train on the water? Did you go on it?
Love Mom

c-haynes said...

Looks awesome I wish I was in Europe right now but alas I will be in Taiwan tomorrow...

Lowell & Julie said...

The tortoise is so CUTE! Well, perhaps "cute" isn't the right word as it's like twice my size (not really), but it's cool. Can small children ride it? I guess it wouldn't be the MOST thrilling ride ever, but still...

Question: did you guys leave a special little "treasure" in my room in Lethbridge before you took off? I just want to give credit where credit is due, and I can think of no one else who would leave such a treat. =)

shareen said...

I like the "terda" picture - were you going for "terd"? And the "Sheeren Lodgement" - what was that all about? Kylie, you look very European with the pancakes...no one would mistake you for a tourist! Well, except for the excessive picture taking, and the lack of Dutch. :)

marcandorkylie said...

the picture is of a canalbus. there is a large network of them across amsterdam. they are a nice mode of transportation, but mostly for tourists, as the tram is much faster, and yes we did go on them... great way to see the city.
julie unfortunately we did not leave you any special surprises.
shareen, we feel sure that the lodgement pictured is your true home, you just need a little smudge on your birth certificate and you can come claim it. excellent location!

Katherine said...

I was saying to Chris yesterday that I was getting the itch to go traveling again. Seeing your pictures makes me really, really itchy.

Heidi said...

I love Amsterdam! Did you get to go to the Van Gough museum-it was my favorite part. Happy travels!

marcandorkylie said...

hi katherine and heidi,
yes we loved amsterdam and yes we did go to the van gogh museum.
i really appreciated how they laid out the gallery to display how van gogh changed his painting style over time and how his paintings influenced another generation of painters.
first they had a gallery of the realist painters of van gogh's time, then they showed his early paintings in the realist style.
then they had a gallery of the french impressionists who he lived with for 2 years and learned from, while showcasing his increasing use of pointilism and his attempts to portray feelings rather than facts.
then they had an extensive gallery showing his influence on other painters that came after him. a moment/movement in art history captured inside one building.
oh, and katherine, if your travel itch gets really bad remember that we have not 1 but 2 guestrooms in kenya!