boogying on the boards

fun sister... check. new rash tops (spf 50 dad!)... check. boogie boards... check. sleeping bags that zip together... check! (that last one isn't actually a necessity for boogie boarding, but it helps)

time to check out muriwai beach. 20 minutes from julie and lowell's house.
some serious wind was providing a pleasant black sand exfoliation.

kylie and i's baywatch run.

boogie boarding was super fun. neither of us had done it before, but it's not too hard so we figured it out quick. kylie had already ridden 3 waves right to the shore by the time i caught my first one. i really enjoyed the looks she gave us from the beach... a nice mix of "i love this!" and "i'm better at this than you are!" with just a tiny pinch of "i'm tired and scared."
it is still a bit surreal to have stepped on a plane in the winter and then stepped off into summer. but surreal is alright. sometimes it is better than real. don't worry about us, we're holding up ok. ;-)

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shareen said...

I'm predicting a parental comment something along the lines of "I hope you don't think that an SPF 50 rash guard will protect your whole body, are you wearing sunscreen everywhere else?" I'm jealous, it looks super fun.