safely in the south

we arrived safely in auckland, new zealand this morning at 5:00 AM. ang and nolene kindly dropped us off in vancouver, and after a mind numbing hour spent attempting to buy temporary tickets out of auckland from an incompetent ticket agent we were on our way. it was a relaxed 14 hour flight and on our arrival lowell and julie were awake and smiling and waiting to whisk us away to their rural hideaway.

kylie is already loving new zealand.

today was spent catching up, napping, shopping for camping gear and supervising the auckland branch of my high end clothing store.
oh, and finally discovering the pleasure inherent in a tim tam slam. gooey hot chocolatey goodness.

tomorrow we head to the beach for some burning and boogieboarding if the surf isnt too big. then when julie heads back to work we will take our little campervan out for a spin. lowell just had a few friends over to help him install an ipod compatible deck and high end speakers... time for a roadtrip!!!!!!!!


Gillian said...

you can buy tim tams and milo over here too... :)

Lowell & Julie said...

Yes, you can BUY them at home, but it's so much cooler to devour them in their home and native land (although maybe tim tams are from Aussie?). Plus, there are like a million kinds of tim tams here... isn't there just the one at home?

Carlynne said...

I do not know what Milo is. Something chocolately I presume! Ah man I am really craving chocolate now. I think the closest thing we have to a snack is shreddies right now. Excuse me while I go get some.
Wish we were there too (then I definitely wouldn't be eating shreddies...)

marcandorkylie said...

yes, we first heard about the tim tam slam from pastor mike and his son, but i hear my family was actually eating them at christmas a year ago... likely using my mom's hot chocolate rather than milo.

a good excuse to fly to NZ though. the beaches and mountains are just a bonus.