canoe day

today was the annual canoe day with the chilliwack residents. fun people and great food. we even went canoeing. the weather started out a bit cool, but then the sun came out.

i had fun with the kids, who had declared themselves a band of sasquatchs that were hunting us in our canoe. kylie stayed back and took pictures from the safe dry bank, assuring the parents that if i was out in the canoe i probably wanted to get wet.

kylie made this fantastic pizza a few days ago. fried bacon, sausage, peppers and onions, with spices from our deck garden and waterbuffalo mozzarella. i may have also slathered half the pizza with a 4 cheese mix after taking this picture. the crust was thick and juicy. kylie has tried many crust recipes lately but i think she will stick to this one for a while.

this is kylie making the crust while skyping with my mom on my mom's new bday laptop. skype has really enabled my family to keep in touch over the last year or so.

we skyped with carlynne and dan tonight in their first week in ottawa and got a tour of their new place. on the drive across the country they stopped to explore and do some camping and fishing. dan caught the good eatin fish pictured above and when he gutted it he found this partially digested fish inside! that must have been a fight.

i have been working a lot (for me) over the first half of june, but i have left the last half much more open, so even though we need rain i am hoping for sunny weather during the day. it can rain all night if it wants to. plans are in the works for a bike trip to whistler and some camping on harrison lake in addition to the requisite mtn biking and hiking around here.

ending with a cute picture of niko was popular last post, so i'll add my cute wife to this one.


Shelley said...

whoa...i can't believe that fish ate a whole other one! craziness! what lake was canoe day at?
awww...kylie! ha

verification word: crogs

shareen said...

funny, I've heard of buffalo mozzarella, but never WATERbuffalo mozza, how do you know it was from a water buffalo? Or is it ALL from water buffalos (bullali? buffalee? just buffalo?) and no one specified water to me before? oh, and I want that pizza now.

Carlynne and Dan said...

That picture of Niko makes me want a dog.
I like Dan and I's guest appearance. We are looking very casual and nonchalant. Kylie we will trade you whats left of that gynormous fish in our fridge for some of the strawberry jam in yours:)

Anonymous said...

Yummy looking pizza. Its all about the cheese. I have lately been obsessed with paneer on my pizza. You should share your pizza dough recipe with us.
Vicky H.

diana said...

Ahhhh... you make me want to fly home :)