endless summer

turns out the timing on our trip and more importantly our arrival home was perfect. we have been home exactly one month and it has been stunningly beautiful almost every day. perhaps in some sort of subconcious rebellious pique i have consistently forgotten to bring a camera on any hikes or walks by the river. i have taken too many pictures in the last 4 months! i did take these pictures of kylie with niko in a field a few blocks from our house last week.

we also remembered to bring our camera to nick and yukiko's wedding at minter gardens in chilliwack. it was great to meet yukiko and the gardens were a wonderful place to show off canada to her family visiting from japan. the best part was seeing the couple so happy (oh, and to see all the respectable medical guests dancing like maniacs (myself included)).

since we have been home we have seen a lot of our friends, and their kids. kylie has been doing a bit of babysitting. this is maddie, who has taken to asking, "where's my kylie?" several times a day.
our neighbours expanded their back deck area, and while i cant blame them for wanting to use the yard, they now sit staring straight at our balcony, so kylie and i went out to a local greenhouse to purchase an organic screen, which is growing in quite nicely... i love it. i love relaxing out there and casually trimming or watering, and we have enjoyed the fresh herbs (oregano and mint in the bottom left corner - as well as the thyme and basil and cilantro and peppers previously posted).

kylie has gone all domestic again and recently completed a huge batch of tiny jars of strawberry jam. it set really well and is currently filling up our fridge. tiny jar of homemade jam anyone?
we finally went to our friend chad and ang's barn and took out the rest of our junk that had been in storage since we left for kenya! thanks guys. now its time to catalogue everything and put it on craigslist. anyone want a 20G fishtank + stand and acc?

we strapped kylie's parents' old mattress to the 4runner and drove it to the dump. again i forgot the camera! goodbye mattress of memories.

poor niko... do we not feed you enough?


shareen said...

oooooh, look at Niko hanging out by the dishwasher...can you guys come visit? or just drop him off for a weekend? :)

Mama Bear said...

love the niko! And i'll totally take a jar of jam! i looove jam!

Randi said...

love this picture of your dog...my Gunnar used to do the same thing! and they are similar looking...Randi