10 Random Thoughts in the aftermath of two beautiful weeks

1. I did a post like this before when we didn't have a camera and it was very popular and since I have random thoughts running around in my head . . . Why not?

2. It is actually still beautiful here today, just a bit cloudy but still warm. Definitely not like Alberta weather this weekend. Marc and I were talking about the possibility about snow here in June and we just laughed. Oh B.C.!

3. Listerine really hurts your tongue if you leave it in your mouth for too long.

4. We have gone a bit gardening crazy this week. We went to to a local greenhouse and have totally outfitted (is that a word one can apply to gardening?) our patio for summer. It is so convenient to have pre-arranged flower boxes and baskets. I am just getting into this gardening thing so I like having a ready-made garden. I am not sure if I will ever be a flower garden aficionado but I am definitely getting into planting herbs and vegetables. Oh the joys of getting older and more mature!

5. We can't find the charger for our new camera. It was in New Zealand and we haven't seen it since we got back. Granted we haven't looked that hard for it, hmmmmm.

6. This weekend my task to complete was our NZ photo album. I am happy to report I am almost done and Marc gave me a grade of A+. Next task: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and then Europe, Israel, Jordan, Zanzibar, Turkey and the mother of them all - Kenya. Not a bad task to have but a daunting one nonetheless.

7. I realized when typing this post that I am really bad at sounding words out that I don't know how to spell. I visualize most words from memorization and when I can't see them in my head all I see is jumble of letters I know are supposed to be there but not in the correct order. I was trying to sound out convenient but was horrible at it. I may have googled it to find the correct spelling.

8. We have Olympic tickets! We tried to get tickets in the first round, but were unsuccessful. Yesterday tickets opened up again and the only one we could find with available tickets was the bronze medal Women's hockey game. (Even though there was quite an extensive list of events with "available" tickets, this was the only one we could actually get.) We are pretty happy to have tickets to a medal game and mainly just want to have an Olympic experience!
9. These are the 2010 mascots. Oh they are amusing. My dad and I spent a good part of a morning last year reading their bios and laughing at them talk.

10. The other night I was babysitting some friends children and we took our picture in photo booth. After I e-mailed them the pictures it made me think of this picture of myself that Marc took in photo booth in Kenya. Marc sent the picture as an attachment to our family with no text and we got some very worried e-mails from family members thinking this way our way of telling them I had some weird tropical Kenyan disease. hee hee I did forget how ugly it is!!!

And that my friends is what I will leave you with today. ;)


Mama Bear said...

love it! I wanna get tickets to the olympic curling but it seems to be difficult to get my hands on. Hmmm...

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