september is always beautiful here

the annual chilliwack airshow is conveniently located 1 block from our house.
great community event

last week kylie and i picked over 20 lbs of sumptuous blackberries on vedder mtn. i froze them for use in smoothies and other fruity drinks, along with a 20 lb flat of blueberries (for $17). i derive a strong dopamine rush from the act of picking berries. much more than is justified by the mere cost savings. my 21st century brain still wants to store up for the winter. niko likes slurping them off the bush as well.

after a busy summer we were able to once again connect with friends.

just this week, we attended our friend madison's second birthday party. where are all the people? checking out uncle kevin's firetruck of course!

"did i hear something about a firetruck?"

i have never been a daschund fan, but butch's new pup wheatsie is super cute.

and of course, the birthday girl graciously opening presents.


Shelley said...

heya, i was in your neck of the woods the other day fly fishing on the chilliwack river! SO many salmon there right now!

Carlynne said...

That is a very cute post op picture Kylie. And a cute puppy.... but you are cuter.