From Surgery and Beyond

We have been absent from here for a while but we have a good reason . . . I had surgery last week. But let's start from the beginning - Marc and I are having a BABY! We are very excited and are even more excited now that my surgery is over. We found out at the beginning of summer that we were having a baby and I very quickly found that my pants didn't fit and I was looking VERY pregnant. Marc examined me and thought we could be having multiple babies (i.e. triplets or more!) or thought there could be something wrong. After going to the doctor and getting an ultrasound we found out we did not have quadruplets (much to my relief!) but instead a very rapidly growing ovarian cyst. Because of the size of the cyst I had to have surgery to remove it last week. All went well and I delivered our first spawn - a 2L pop bottle sized one and am very happy to be rid of it!!

Right before surgery, I look a lot happier than I felt!
Home 2 days later, Niko greeted me very calmly and very gingerly came up on the couch beside me. I have no idea what he sensed as he is usually super excited to see me after a couple of days absence but it sure was nice when he laid his head on my legs!

I am feeling better everyday and on Sunday our friend Jarrid arrived for a visit and last night we went boating with friends. Although I was unable to surf :( it was still fun to be out on the water on a beautiful day!
The leftover vestiges of corn
I am not sure what Jarrid is trying to do here, maybe make sure that all the remnants of my cyst are gone!
Marc surfing behind the boat, you start with the rope then once you feel balanced, throw it in and surf the eternal wave. DUDE!
Yesterday Marc took me to emerg and we did an ultrasound and saw our baby waving to us! (Oh the perks of having a doctor for a husband!) Needless to say, we were very relieved that all is well and excited to get on the with the more important things in life now that include multiple trips in October- one to the island this weekend, then off to Bend, Oregon for a course, to Victoria for Thanksgiving then to Ottawa and New York for Halloween!!!!

We have been so blessed by all our wonderful family and friends here with meals, phone calls, visits and flowers! Thanks so much everyone!


Lowell & Julie said...

WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! We're unbelievable excited, and SUPER glad that you're okay Kylie!
WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! (have I mentioned that I'm PUMPED?!?!!)

Mama Bear said...

SO AWESOME! congrats! You guys will be great parents!

Katherine said...

so glad to hear your surgery went well.
carlynne totally spilled the beans about the future Greidanus... Congrats. Can't wait to see you two in a month.

Sneep Family said...

Congrats you guys!!!!! That is so great! When are you due? Glad all went well with the surgery! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for you guys and so glad you are doing well now.
Vicky H.

michaelia and jason said...

Hey, congrats to the both of you. Very exciting news. Sorry to hear about the early complications but it's such a relief to hear that the surgery is over and done with and your baby is healthy (and happy! Waving at you... so cute!)

shareen said...

good to know I can officially tell people now, Julie got the news out there with a bang though...nothing like facebook. :) (If you're reading this, Julie, I say it all with love - we all appreciate your excited spirit.) The pop bottle thing though? Gross...and cool? Oh, and I am seriously pumped to be an aunt.

Lowell & Julie said...

Shareen- I just put this on facebook, but... I GOT PERMISSION!! FROM M&K!! REALLY!!!! (Plus I'm just a TEENSY bit excited:)!!

Anonymous said...

We are thrilled you two are expecting and doing so well! We thought we should share with your readers, and for posterity, the poem you wrote on my birthday card Marc when we came to visit you guys this summer- on my birthday.

"Happy Birthday Dearest Dad!
And although you are flying through the air,
We hope your flight was smooth,
And your air conditions fair.
As for presents for your birthday,
It's true that none compare
With the gift that we gave Mom,
At least we know you share!
So what else could we give you?
What could compare to a laptop?
How about the knowledge...
That you're going to be a Grandpop?"

We are very happy for and with you!!
Love Dad and Mom G. :) :)

marcandorkylie said...

For those of you wondering - we are due the middle of March.

diana said...

Fantastic news! You'll make great parents. Are you feeling sick? Remember when you were here and I choked down greasy fish and chips all because I didn't want to announce the parasite growing inside me :) But you have it much much worse. Two parasite. Congrats on getting rid of the bad one. xXx

emsmom said...

How exciting! We are very happy for you.


Stephanie and Devon

Randi said...

congrats on the very exciting baby news! hope everyone is doing well!