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sudsy stout

breast is best

we had our friends melissa and kevin over the other day and their beautiful daughter rhaea got into the beer bottles.

as parents they're going to have to model responsible drinking before she gets to college.

not only have we already left ty with a babysitter on several occasions, we have left him with niko. the cuddliest babysitter ever. don't worry folk... malamutes were naturally bred to be babysitters. niko's dad habitually plucked his charges from the water by their bathing suits when they were trying to swim.

auntie shareen made tyrn this awesome hat. rah rah raspustin, lover of the bouncy cream. (o)(o)

grandpa greg came to visit last week.

greg is an easy and fun guest. our time with him was pretty typical. we sat around reading the paper every morning, and then went for hikes in the afternoon.

thanks again for the raincoat nolene. we use it every day.


shareen said...

I am completely unbiased, but I think Ty is the cutest child in existence. And that raincoat from Nolene is also the cutest coat ever. Therefore, putting it into a mathematical formula:
Ty + raincoat = unexplainable cuteness

Carlynne Kobewka said...

Hey Marc,
I really like this picture of you and Ty. Babies suit you. I think that you make a great dad:)