Tyrn's Baptism Weekend

This past weekend was party central around here. It started out on Thursday when my mom arrived from Lethbridge. Here are Ty and my mom waiting for party guests:

On Friday evening Marc's parents, sister Shareen and her husband Craig arrived. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon they set up the tent for the party in case of rain.
Marc purchased wine called Marcus James for the sangria. He was buying some other wine when the cashier asked for ID and saw his name and told him that they had wine named after him. He said if they had wine named Tyrn James he would have bought all their stock. ;)
On Saturday we started getting some of the food ready. Here we are making salads and getting the dessert ready.
Bette oh so kindly putting away my laundry.
Meeting Uncle Craig for the first time
After getting the food ready and having a picnic outside we headed to one of our favourite sunshine walks. A beaver dam on DND land. Thanks for the sunglasses Auntie Shareen and Uncle Craig!
Sunday morning we got up bright and early to get ready for Ty's big day (that is except for Ty, he slept until 9:00). Here he is in the baptism outfit my mom got for him.
Picture Fest!

Shareen did my make up for me. She is amazing.

This is our pastor Mike prepping us for the service.
We were excited to get Tyrn baptized and welcome him into the community of our church. We have been at our church for 6 years and are so happy to welcome Ty into Heartland CRC. Marc spoke about the importance of community in his life, and his hope of raising Ty in the same way his parents raised him. I spoke about my faith over the years, and my hope that Ty absorb more of the love of Christianity, and not the guilt.

After church we returned to our house for the party to start! Our friend Chad had come over earlier in the day to begin roasting a pig.

The pig was a huge hit and absolutely delicious. With all the salads and appys everyone else brought we had quite a feast! Pastor Mike is obviously a vociferous carnivore.

I love this picture!
After Marc took the above picture, he gave the camera to Clive, who then took this picture of me. I love it!

We rented a bouncy castle for all the kids to jump in. It was initially a bit rainy, which caused the bouncy castle to leak soap and become a sudsy slippery mess but soon the sun came out and the kids were jumping away.

What a beautiful location for a bouncy castle!

After the guests left, Marc's dad had great fun turning off the fan, collapsing the castle and drowning us in vinyl, then turning it on and reinflating the castle at the last minute. My mom had fun somersaulting into the crevasses.

All told we had 69 people at Ty's baptism party. 49 adults and 20 kids! A great time was had by all. Ty had better not expect this type of extravaganza for his birthdays.


Lowell & Julie said...

Looks like a blast! I love the picture of Ty in his sunglasses, and the picture that Clive took of Kylie. Oh, and I also thoroughly enjoy the last picture where your Mom looks like a caged animal and my Dad is laughing at her misfortune! :)

shareen said...

Oh, it was all so much fun. We were so glad we could be there. And don't forget, for all your parties and functions, check out www.pigbbq.ca. :)

Katherine said...

I want a roast pig. Sounds like you had a blast. What a wonderful occasion for a big party.

Anonymous said...

What a great looking party! You may not want Ty to expect this type of extravaganza for his birthdays but will you be able to resist? It looked like so much fun!