Memo to the Sun: COME OUT!!

We have been experiencing a very rainy June here in the Fraser Valley, making it seem a bit more like February than summer. Thankfully we drove away from the Fraser Valley the last couple of days and experienced summer solstice at Sheridan Lake with our friends Kevin and Melissa.
Kevin's parents recently purchased a lot here and they have been building a cabin as a family. The cabin is coming along nicely and we certainly enjoyed their hospitality.

The location wasn't too shabby either. . .

Marc and Kevin worked on the cabin while Melissa and I made meals and looked after the kids and went for walks. Marc and Kevin took the canoe out for a spin yesterday morning. Melissa and I watched wistfully from the dock.
Don't worry, Melissa and I went out for a quick spin too!

Ty and Rhaea had a good time together!
We stopped at this great lunch spot, just outside Kamploops on Ink Lakes Road.

In other news, my mom left last week; we had a wonderful time with her!
Ty went swimming for the first time while Grandma was here!
And started sitting in his bumbo chair:

We got Niko shaved last week and while he still looks different he certainly doesn't look as bad as he did the first time we got him shaved! The night before:

And in 2006: (I can barely look at this picture without cringing. Here is my post after his first shave)

The forecast is better for the next few days and my brother and his wife are here next week, then we head to Idaho!! Hope you get the memo sun!!

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shareen said...

oh the cuteness! Ty and Rhaea, Ty in his bumbo, you guys in the pool, and Niko! The shave certainly isn't bad this time...quite becoming, actually. :)