Hairless in Chilliwack

Marc has been talking for awhile about how he wanted to shave Niko for the summer since he has so much hair. I was never really in favour of this dramatic tactic to keep our dog cool but after a long hot spell last week I agreed to make the appointment. Now I know I may be biased in my opinion but I do think that my dog is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen. His long flowing hair and his markings attract many a comment from passerby's and he loves all the attention they lavish upon him. Here are some pics of my beautiful dog to remind those of you who never check our blog what our dog looks like.

It was hard for me to imagine what Niko would look like with no hair. So imagine my surprise when I went to pick Niko up from the groomers yesterday and saw this pile of hair.

And imagine horror of horros my shock and dismay when I saw what my beautiful puppy looked like after all this hair came off of him. I cannot believe how ugly he has become after a shave. Marc says he is cute but I think it is an ugly cute. You probably can't tell from these pictures but he was apparently bucking around when they were shaving his face so all the hair on his face is uneven and choppy.

My gorgeous puppy is gone, thankfully his hair will start growing back in a month because this is how I feel about the whole situation.

On a more positive note, Niko does seem cooler and has even taken to sleeping on the carpet which I don't think I have ever seen him do. Hopefully I will get more used to him looking like this but for me September can't come soon enough!


Anonymous said...

Kylie, Niko's haircut reminds me of the horrible haircut Tessie got just before your wedding. I like Niko with hair much better too! Thankfully it will grow back eventuallY! Mum Bette

shareen said...

YEAH! MUM HAS FIGURED OUT THE COMMENTS! And on the Niko note...what's with the tail puffiness? Seriously weird, I have to tell you. But I NEVER would have recognized him, not in a million years...well maybe once he jumped up on me. :)

Mama Bear said...

hmm..i always wondered what my cat would look like if i shaved his fur off. Unfortunately i'm not able to do that, cause it would mean certain death for me.

Niko sorta looks like a mix of fox, poodle, horse, and wild bore. Little bit freakish, little bit cute but mostly just funny. poor pooch :)

Anonymous said...

Niko looks great to this guy who has advocated for the same for Tessie in the past. Not this year tho b/c we have air conditioning now and she is inside lots. Have you noticed that Niko doesn't pant as much and or as heavily any more? That big tonque was sticking out ++ to help cool his bod too. Dad

marcandorkylie said...

niko is feeling a lot better these days. he has more energy overall and he is more willing to cuddle up on the couch or sleep on the carpet at my feet while i read (versus sticking to the lino in the basement where he can dissipate his body heat directly into the foundation). shareen, i agree with you about the ridiculous tail, i actually trimmed it down substantially myself after those pics were taken.

Jenessa Fowke said...

looks are everything. Your dog looks funny.

Sparks said...

I'm sorry Niko.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kylie,
Enjoy your blog! Poor Niko, the way a person/animal wears their hair says alot about that person/animal. For some it is their identity. He definitely looks different, oh well it will grow back. Just think how much cooler he is :-))
Barb (Amys mom)