Posting Crazy

Okay, we have been going a bit crazy with multiple postings lately (not as crazy as megan though!) but it is so fun. We had a great anniversary - we went to the Zoo in Vancouver and then out for an excellent dessert here in Chilliwack. The zoo was lots of fun - we both hadn't been to a zoo for quite a while and we saw an excellent Birds of Prey Show. We had a picnic lunch by the pond and then Marc got into a staring session with a panther. He (not Marc, the panther) was VERY intimidating and I was wishing there was more than a thin wire fence between us. Marc even got hissed at when he ran back and forth really quickly.

Afterwards we had a dessert sampler plate. All restaurants should have a sampler plate - you get three desserts and can get an idea of what is good on the menu. In this case we didn't have to worry about whether they would be good or not, they were excellent! The sampler tray came with mango cheesecake, vanilla creme brule (I think I could eat this forever and not be sad mmmmmm....) and a fudge like cake. Here are some pictures of the day:


michaelia and jason said...

Congrats on your anniversary. Sounds like you have been verrrry busy but having lots of fun! That's what summer's about! You win the blogging award for this month, hands down!

megan said...

Friends don't let friends post too much random junk on their blogs. Please let me know when the quantity outstrips the quality by a greater than 4:1 ratio.