Happy Anniversary to us!

Today Marc and I have been married for five years. It has gone by so fast! Marc is the best husband ever (I'm sure some of you may have to contend with me, thinking that your husband is the best husband ever but today is my anniversary so I will win.) He's fun, he's stable, he's a great listener, he knows what buttons to push to drive me crazy :), he knows how to calm me down when I'm mad (even though sometimes I don't want to be), he tells me everyday how beautiful I am and how much he loves me. Happy Anniversary Marc!

PS. Carlynne said that she was very impressed that we had made it to five years with no kids! It is quite an accomplishment.:) To those of you pining for them, I promise they will come in the next five years.


Matt, Monique and Liam said...

Happy anniversary Marc and Kylie! Give us a call when you get back to the 'Wack and we'll do a little anniversary party as there are quite a few this month and next!!

Anonymous said...

5 Years! Congratulations guys!
- Arie

megan said...

Congrats to a fabulous couple!