elk mountain

we hiked up elk mountain on the weekend with our friends shawn and karen. it was so steep that it was easier (and more fun) to run down, but our quads were sore for 3 days after.


shareen said...

looks like a nice hike...what's with the crazy fascination with the creepy crawlers?

marcandorkylie said...

i've always enjoyed creepy crawlers! they grow their slugs big out here! did you know that if you roll a slug around in the dirt and it gets covered in dirt and pine needles it will slowly crawl out of its own slime layer leaving a cast of needle covered slime mud in its wake. very cool. i am guessing it is either a function of the physiology of the slime layer itsself, or the action of the slug's micromusculature that slowly sloughs the suddenly slippery slime.