Yellowstone: The Sequel

We are back from Yellowstone and have spent the last few days hanging out at Cultus Lake with good friends. The house is a disaster and there is much laundry to be folded but we have had a few excellent summer days!

For Yellowstone Day 2 Marc's parents came to meet us on their way back from a wedding in Iowa. We headed to Fairy Falls to have lunch and be blown away by the wind.

We headed over to Old Faithful which erupts every 90 minutes. Thankfully we only had to wait about 15. We knew we had come at a good time because there was a good crowd already established.We rented a cute little condo about 30 minutes outside of Yellowstone with Marc's parents. Ty is learning to grab faces. Here he is practicing with Nana:
And Daddy:
We didn't see an abundance of wild life, we mainly encountered massive traffic jams caused by people trying to capture the perfect shot of far off buffalo or elk but we did get these close ups.
Our second day together we hiked to a lake and then to a saddle. The hike was beautiful (and not too steep!) and filled with fields of wild flowers.

We also went back to the canyon that we had the previous day. It was great to see it in the sunshine!

We celebrated our anniversary (9th!) in Yellowstone by doing a geiser hike. I think the hike was a metaphor for our explosive relationship. ;)

mmmm lunch

Our first anniversary as a family of 3
We went back to the Midway Geiser (which Marc put pictures of in the post below) because it was so pretty to look at.

While in Yellowstone, I noticed quite a variety of license plates driving by and decided to keep track of all the states and provinces we saw. In the end I got all states but 4 (New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Lousiana) and all but 4 provinces (the Maritimes). Hawaii was the last state recorded. We had to take a picture for proof!

That night Marc's parents took Ty while we went out for a nice dinner on the river.

We took two days to come home (16 hours). Ty was an amazing traveler!! As mentioned at the top, we have continued our endless summer mode by spending a lot of the last week at the lake with our good friends. We love living in a holiday destination!

Next week I vow to stop enjoying summer so much and clean my house.


Mama Bear said...

looked like a great trip!
And happy anniversary!! :)

Katherine said...

wow 9 years... time flies. Congrats on the anniversary. Looks like summer has been treating you well, as it should. Love the pictures as always.