Catch Up

We have definitely been neglecting this ol' blog of ours but that means we were out enjoying life and there is nothing wrong with that! My dad came for a visit in April and had a great time playing with Ty and reading the same book over and over and over again. ;)
Auntie Shareen made Ty this super cute T-rex tail for his birthday. He loves it and really likes wearing it. I think he feels like a scary kid. ROOOOAAARR!
Sunny days here have been few and far between but we have definitely been spending time outside and on our patio when they do come around. Ty enjoys the patio rain or shine!!!

Ty showing Daddy his developing climbing skills.

This is the first sign of spring in our house. Marc adopts his warm weather attire - no shirt!

Ty's personality is definitely starting to emerge! He is very social, happy to be picked up by anyone. He also loves beer cans and toothbrushes at this stage. I was just remarking that although Ty doesn't take a bottle or a soother to calm down, he definitely is happiest when he has a Hell's Gate can in one hand and a toothbrush in the other. Here the toothbrush has been replaced by the mallet . . .
Wearing Mommy's hat from when she was a baby

This picture makes me chuckle every time I look at it. I shall call it "The Pantsless child enjoys his beer can while dog plays with puppy cousins stolen toy in the foreground."

Carlynne came for a visit on the May Long weekend and we got A LOT of photos and pictures hung. We love this extra homey touch for our house. Thanks so much Carlynne, we love it!!

Carlynne came up with this classy way of showcasing one of our bedouin hangings. Marc really wanted to display it, but I had deemed it too "college". She cut the centre into 4 pieces and framed them, and then flipped them ipsilaterally.
The picture to Carlynne's left is one she painted for us in Kenya. We have many fond memories of matatuing through Africa with her.
Thanks again Carlynne. Well presented.
We wish you all a wonderful last few days of May! May June bring more sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lowell & Julie said...

Hehe- I LOVE pantless, social, happy, beer can/toothbrush-holding, crazy personality Ty!
That Carlynne is a decorating WIZARD! BRILLIANT I tell you! We also have her to thank for our homey home, and we need her to come back for our baby room!!

Shelley said...

WOW, Ty is growing so fast! And the pictures look great. Putting up pictures is always the first thing i do when moving into new space.
Here's hoping for a sunny June!!

Oh and a stanley cup win for Vancouver :)

shareen said...

You found the toy!! (or Niko found the toy?) Maggie will be happy to hear it. Also, the addition of a pantless child with a beer can definitely classes up any photo.

Katherine said...

William also loves toothbrushes, but prefers beer bottles to cans. I think that's only because we have beer bottles instead of cans. He kind of likes pop cans too. Which book is your Dad reading Ty there? I'm looking for good suggestions for books these days as I haven't bought any for awhile for William and its time for some new additions.