Mothers Day

on mothers day we went for a stroll through minter gardens and then out for a nice dinner.
bright but cloudy, and with the flowers in new bloom, it was a perfect day to take pictures.

it was a wonderful mothers day. which worked out well, because kylie is a wonderful mother.


Shelley said...

Great photos!!
happy mother's day, Kylie! :)

shareen said...

so cute! i thought of you guys a lot on sunday (and julie too!)...glad to hear you had a good day.

and i concur, kylie is an excellent mother! and apparently a great photographer - i love all the pictures, but the one of ty grabbing onto marc's legs is just so cute. oh, and him strolling under the trellis...

Anonymous said...

Super photos of great subjects!! That Ty is such a sweet smiley guy! It was, and always is, great to see him (and you two) on skype, as on Mothers day.
Dad & Mom G.

Lowell & Julie said...

Ty = adorable
Ty's Mama = stunning

Anonymous said...

I agree! Ty is adorable and Kylie is absolutely stunning!!
Inside and out!
Mum G.