i can't believe we live here

 we had just settled in for a month of rain when november surprised us with a gorgeous sunny stretch.  the last few days have been crisp and clear and the forecast is for more of the same.
 kayaking on the fraser has never been more beautiful.  i got out both tuesday and thursday and the valley was teeming with wildlife.  a group of eagles regarded me coolly from the shore.  three foot long chum salmon were jumping out of the water beside me.
 and i made friends with a playful seal, who kept bobbing up beside me.  he would check me out for a while, then rocket out of the water and do a bellyflop, popping up 20 seconds later somewhere else.  he's hard to make out in the above picture, but let me zoom in for you and adjust the levels.
 there's the sneaky little guy.

 today the sun was out, but the wind was up.  we took the opportunity to test two recent presents.  brad, launa and quinton gave ty a kite for his birthday, and my dad gave me a kite for my birthday.  ty's kite saw more airtime than mine.  so fun to see ty holding tight to the line all by himself.
 and yes, we were flying kites in the cemetary.  in the veterans area.  just before remembrance day.  despite the fact that ty picked at least two poppies, i like to think that they appreciated a little boy flying a kite for the first time.

it must be fall.  one of the trees in our front yard has turned from a regular shade of red to a brilliantly deep shade of red.  enjoying the new season.


Haley said...

I love the image of the veterans watching down on wee Ty :)It was a beautiful day.

Angela said...

Love the kite flying. We use to take our kids to the Creelman cemetary for koffie time with Opa, fly our kites and tell him our news!