To Halloween and Beyond . . .

It's been a busy October round these parts. Lots of fun happenings. We moved from the most beautiful September in recent memory into quite a rainy October but we have still been out and about enjoying things.

We FINALLY got Ty a hair cut. Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that Ty's hair has recently gotten a little out of control in the length department.  Marc and I said recently that Ty really has long hair because it is the path of least resistance for us.  We are lazy parents. ;)  That being said, Paulina did an awesome job on his hair and we love his new short do!  He quite enjoyed his haircut, especially getting a blue mouth from his ring pop.

Speaking of candy, Ty has enjoyed a lot of it this week.  We carved pumpkins on Tuesday night.  Ty was happy to be an observer but not too happy to touch the pumpkin guts.  Nor was I, I was happy to stand in the background and let Marc do the dirty work.   
I got Ty all ready to get down and dirty but he didn't want to even come close to the insides.  He was happy to draw instead.

On Halloween day Ty and Quinton decorated cookies together:
What every adult wishes to put on their sugar cookie but holds back due to social pressures. ;)

 After naps, we dressed up our monster truck and little puppy and headed to some family friends as well as Marc's place of work to show off the kiddies.

We didn't get a great picture of Ty's costume (this was the end of the night and his costume was on backwards and we were all wet) . . . Nonetheless he was so happy going to "another candy house" and "another candy house".  Showing off his haul:
Zeke's haul:  Apple sauce

Marc and I finished off the evening by sharing a lovely pumpkin ale. According the Globe and Mail these were sold out all over Canada.  Little did they know that small town Chilliwack had the goods.

In other news we finally got the boys rooms organized (more on Zeke's room to come later) but we hung Ty's name painting that he did with Auntie Shareen.  I ordered some hooks from etsy for their sweatshirts and bags.  This cute bag was made by Candy.  Thanks Candy!  It looks great.  If you notice his overalls in the top of the last post, those are the matching pants to his bag. 

And we've got a mover.  Zeke has been motivated to roll and he did it while I was in the other room right after taking this picture.  Dun dun dun.....  On to new and exciting things!


shareen said...

a monster truck - how fun? was that the idea you had before?

also, love the picture of Ty and his candy...and that he's tucking in. In front of him there are chips, a sucker, rockets and smarties; that's one serious sugar high!

shareen said...

also, "how fun" is not a question. but this is??

Alisha said...

Love Ty's costume - so cool! And I've had that pumpkin ale - it's delicious. Have you tried the Fernie Pumpkin Head yet - it's quite yummy too! I look forward to pumpkin beer all year round!

marcandorkylie said...

i too love the candy spread. and no alisha we have not tried the fernie pumpkinhead. on the pumpkin beer note, my favourite is jumping jack pumpkin ale from tree brewing.

loving the overalls. they get stronger after each washing. i am planning to put another set of buttons on the end of the straps as they now give ty a wedgie. what are they called again?