BD at BC

 june was a magic camping month.  the day after our chehalis day trip we rumbled back out to our favourite spot at bear creek.  unbelievably we had the entire forestry site to ourselves for the week.  monday to friday camping is the way to go!  one of the three provincial campgrounds we passed on the way was completely full.  i guess the forestry service road and the lack of services repel the masses.  or quite possibly they just don't know.
 there were a few spots of rain, but we're now well prepared campers and between our pop up tent and the forest canopy we were able to stay dry.
 speaking of canopy, here is ty mourning the death of a tree.
 we picked up this awesome wool suit for zeke at a second hand shop in abbotsford during a friend's concert.  he fully rocks it.

one of our camping days was my birthday and kylie prepared me a special birthday breakfast.  this is our first course: strawberries, yoghurt, bacon and coffee.
second course: birthday pancakes and more coffee... can you guess how old i am now?

third course: scrambled eggs with cheese and beans and salsa and sour cream.   mmm...
here are my birthday pancakes after flipping.  my age is no longer as obvious.

the forecast was rainy, so we brought the truck in case we wanted to visit harrison or clear creek hotsprings.  the weather turned out quite nice, so we opted for a visit to the remote hotsprings.  the road to clear creek is pretty rough and at one point a creek diverted onto the path for over 200m.  it made for interesting and exciting driving.  i kept wanting to get out and take pictures while kylie loudly and insistently called me back to the driver's seat.
clear creek has been built up quite lovingly by someone, and although often we arrive to find it strewn with garbage, this time it was pristine, with the tubs all perfectly at their respective temperatures of piping hot, quite hot and nicely warm.
ty absolutely loved the hotsprings this time.  he is now old enough to enter and exit the tubs on his own.  his favourite was the lowermost and coolest tub.  perfect for splashing and playing well away from his relaxed parents.
the cool tub was perfect for playing with parents as well.

kylie and i both went kayaking on the lake every day.  these pictures are from my birthday.  even on a cloudy day harrison is beautiful.  the calm waters (not always the case here!) and softened peaks produced an introspective vibe.  i spent a lot of time just bobbing in the water thinking variations on "i love my wife, i love my kids, i love my life.  what a great day to turn 35".
can you see our lonely little motorhome nestled in the trees?  can you see why we love this spot?

here is me contemplating my place in the universe.

we have always been proud to give niko an ideal dog's life.  now it gives us great joy to provide the same thing for our boys.  watching them climb and dig and throw, get dirty, eat healthy and sleep well, it is so clear that this is what they are meant to do.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us in your camping trip! We agree! Family camping is the best. Your nice little motor home gives you freedom to get away easily, as does your location. What a way to celebrate your birthday. Kylie sure planned nicely for your birthday breakfast.
The pictures are lovely. Lots of you guys and the beautiful scenery!
To celebrate the birth of our firstborn, we spent the day biking in Holland! Not too shabby either!
Mum and Dad

Lowell & Julie said...

Love love LOVE. I particularly love how you contemplated your love for Kylie, the boys, and your life... you're one lucky man! And they're lucky to have you too. Yay for 35!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Marc. You are SO blessed with your lovely wife and adorable children!! Ty is starting to look more like how I remember you!!!Is he a singer too?? Love to all of you! Janny Wisse