We spent the first week of July in Idaho at my Granny and Gramp's house with my dad and brother, sister in law Raquel and niece Maria.  We missed out last year as Zeke was just a newborn so it was great to be back!  Ty and Maria played so well together and it was great for them to reconnect.

On the fourth, we headed to my Aunt Annette's for the annual Independence Day BBQ.  This is my lovely Aunt Annette and this picture captures her beautiful smile perfectly. 


 Granny and Gramps at the BBQ

The highlight of the whole trip for Ty was "fire in the sky."  We picked up some fireworks at the local roadside stand and did some mini ones during the day and kept him up the latest he has ever been up to watch our family fireworks show.

 Marc let Ty help him light the fireworks.  Grauntie Tammy was aghast that Marc would allow Ty to light fireworks without safety goggles but he was (thankfully!) a little anxious about the fire and would run away quite quickly to the safety of the grass.  He was so excited he was vibrating.  I love the above picture with both Marc and Ty looking up at the fireworks with wonder. :)
Getting ready for the evening show:
Granny and Gramps live up the hill from a lake and across the lake are 3 separate towns.  We have an excellent vantage point to see all 3 towns firework shows and we watched them while simultaneously enjoying our own show out back.
The whole family: (Missing Gruncle Bruce and cousins Ian and Erin)

4 generations:
On our last full day we headed out to the waterslides.  Ty was so excited to go but when we got there he had just woken up after falling asleep in the car and was a miserable mess.  Maria fell asleep and wouldn't wake up and Zeke hated the water and screamed every time he touched it. 

Thankfully Maria woke up, we got Ty an ice cream cone, just carried Zeke around and didn't touch his toes in the water and all was well.  The kids had a great time and did not want to leave. 

The adults had some fun too.

 We had a great time and are super excited to see Grandpa and Brad, Raquel and Maria again in Lethbridge in August!


Anonymous said...

Very nice Wolcott family reunion. Looks like a great time. That picture of Marc and Ty watching the fireworks really is a nice one! Actually we love the whole fireworks series. Memories of Dad and you doing fireworks at the farm Marc :)
Nana and Papa

Anonymous said...

...and Auntie Annette is beautiful!

shareen said...

How did I miss this? It looks like you had such a great time in Idaho, such beautiful pictures. I love the one of Marc & Ty too (as well as the one where Ty is running away, you can totally tell he's high-tailing it out of there), so cute.