boys weekend

kylie is just now driving back from bellingham, after spending 3 days in vegas with shareen, julie and carlynne.  no doubt she will have stories to tell and pictures to share, but before she does i would like to record our boys weekend at home.

we started out in gorgeous sunshine, playing at the park.  light jackets only.
the next day cooled down significantly and it suddenly got windy.  like lethbridge windy.  we ventured to the fraser to check out the beach.  the blowing sand mixed with flecks of snow made for a surreal environment, but the boys could only take it for about 20 min before even the draw of running down fresh sand dunes buckled underneath the weight of freezing hands and cold faces.

a good day to relax at home and watch the machines backfill our yard.  ty and zeke were entertained for hours, and cousin fraser got to watch over skype with them as well.

the following day brought SNOW!  and lots of it.  well over a foot by the end of the day.
we bundled up and slogged out across the street and up the hill to the park for a bit of sledding and snow angels.
i really thought that the bundling process would last longer than the sledding process, but the boys surprised me and stayed out having fun until all of us were tired.  zeke had a few meltdowns, but they were incurred more by sledding issues than snow/temperature issues.

even though i was single parenting it for a while i was able to escape one evening and check out "good for grapes" at our new chilliwack downtown music venue: the acoustic emporium.  it was a fantastic show.  only thing missing was kylie at my side.  ;-)
our babysitter arrived early and the show started late so i took the opportunity to participate in our neighbourhood pub on a friday night.  in the past i have found it interesting that when you sit at the bar by yourself, you are advertising that you are open to conversation and sure enough within minutes i was involved in a lively discussion of microbrews and stephen harper and the changing face of matthew mconahay over fat tug ipa.
check out those taps!  those are the standards, the rotating taps are on the back bar.  mmm...

other parenting breaks were achieved using the more conventional method of plunking one's children in front of the TV.  or in this case youtube videos of kenny loggins songs.  ty has pointed out that kenny loggins bears a moderate resemblance to big fraser.  i think he's on to something! ;-)

well, kylie is due home in ten minutes, so this marks the end of our boys weekend.  sledding, eating cantaloupe, lots of stories, dancing around in the basement, attending a rock show... the boys didn't starve and even ate some vegetables.  the laundry is done and the kitchen is clean(ish).  overall a great weekend.  but welcome back kylie, we missed you!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great that you had such a nice time and that you took pictures of it for the rest of us! Wonderful that Kylie could have that trip. Good for you, Marc.
Love Aunt Cheryl