Ty turns 4!!

We have been busy round these parts here lately with Ty recently turning 4.  Brad and Raquel and Maria came out to help us celebrate the event.  But first I will start with the cake. . .

Ty has been asking for a T-Rex cake for the last few months.  He started off wanting a dragon but he has developed quite the love of dinosaurs over the last few months so he changed his tune and asked for a T-Rex cake instead. Marc is the brain behind the operation (i.e. doing all the cutting and assembling) and I provide the baking and the icing.

Traditional cake picture:  It did not involve NCAA basketball on in the background this year as the tournament doesn't start until later but instead a former high school basketball star and two future 2025 high school all stars. ;) 

Right before the party showing Ty and Maria.  "Don't get too close!" ;)  There was also some attempted licking involved.  

The party begins . . .

This year we actually played games and everyone listened and participated.  Marc says I'm the Child Whisperer.  ;)

I may be the Child Whisperer when it comes to games, but I am definitely not the present whisperer.  Opening presents was CRAZY!! Kids, paper, boxes, yelling.  Ahhhhh!

I love these two pictures.  Zeke had Maria's boots on that he found by the door.

We had a great time with Brad, Raquel and Maria.  Ty and Maria were very excited to be together and  had a sleep over in the same room.

Walking in the rain:

Saying goodbye, time was too short but so fun!!

Walking in the rain:

Ty's real birthday was spent with daddy in the am (birthday waffles with candles to blow out) and then after Marc went to work I took the boys out for birthday donuts.  After Marc got home the boys went for a late afternoon birthday walk.

And lastly, Ty's birthday present from us.  A new bike with pedals.  As you can see he has not quite gotten the hang of it yet.  He will soon! ;)


Anonymous said...

Super birthday. Great cake . Hi from us in the sunshine . Mum and Aun t Cheryl

shareen said...

Fun birthday! I love the cake and that you guys make it together. :)

shareen said...

side note: convenient bbq location!