Well recently the random thought posts by Amber, Jenessa and Shareen have been popular so I have taken to doing one of my own.

-I am really enjoying my time off. I know that some people that have an excess of time off get bored very quickly, I am NOT however one of those people. Things I am enjoying about having time off (in no particular order):
1.Reading the entire (or maybe almost the entire) paper in the morning (it is too bad we get the Globe and Mail and not the Lethbridge Herald because reading the Globe is like reading a book in the morning) :), oh and drinking coffee with the paper
2. Baking - yesterday I made creme brule which Marc tastefully toasted with his blowtorch, I made pumpkin pie on Friday and I am going to make cinnamon buns tomorrow mmmmmmm
3. Taking Niko for long walks, enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having of late here in the Wack
4. Spending more time with Marc

-Things I am not enjoying about my time off - the fact that I enjoying reading, baking, walking and spending time with Marc a little too much and all the other things I SHOULD be doing fall to the wayside

-I have noticed that Marc and I are getting old, we have started to lament the smut that is on TV today, the violence in the world and discussing what kind of world our children will live in. We have especially been complaining though about the behaviour of teenagers, especially their driving! We talk about how the youth of today drive so fast and recklessy without due care and attention. Crazy kiddies! We were NEVER EVER like this! (Do not read the post two below if you want to continue to believe this)

-Niko is now officially a dog, or maybe a teenage dog but no longer a puppy. He lays down now! When Niko was a puppy we never saw him lay down or sleep upstairs, he would always go downstairs to sleep and as soon as he heard us he would be awake and ready to play. This morning I took his puppy gate down from the stairs at 9:30am and at noon he sauntered upstairs and then proceeded to lay on our bed for two hours. After I took him for a walk he slept on the landing for another hour. Oh the life of a dog! (I do sort of have the life of a dog right now actually.)

-Recently Found in the Superstore Bargain Bin: A Mighty Wind. New on DVD! Price tag: $4.99.

-Lastly, I have recently discovered that the Matt Good band is really good. hee hee I hadn't heard them in a while (and did not like them too much before) and Marc recently put "Beautiful Midnight" on and I was like Wow these guys are great!

My random thoughts for today and after reading my last line maybe I'm not getting too old, I still totally use like to like describe things.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


michaelia and jason said...

You're not old! I like the random thoughts thing- I may have to do my own soon. Although my blog is pretty random anyways. Kylie, I'd like to have your email. Tell (or ask him nicely) Marc to send to me. I'd like to discuss the advantages of not working.

Sparks said...

Kylie, in your spare time, could you please define for me "random"? Thanks.

marcandorkylie said...

Well Fraser if you must know randomness to me means a series of disjointed, unconnected thoughts that flow out of my brain randomly. Kylie

Sparks said...

I wasn't asking for an example of circular reasoning, but thanks anyways. Just let me know what random means.

marcandorkylie said...

marc told me you would say something like that, you boys and your big brains, i have no idea what circular reasoning is and i defined what random means to me in my definition above, so go look it up big boy if you really want to know. :) kylie

Sparks said...

I've looked it up... and I STILL don't know!

Stephen and Amber said...

I understand what you are meaning when you are talking random...in fact, I really like that way to blog as it is really real. I think random means what's really going on in your head and what is important to you at that moment.

Love it...and you are not old weirdo

shareen said...

kylie, did anyone ever tell you not to use the word you're defining in your definition? :) I hope you do well with the cinnamon buns, they're so easy! I made my very first turkey ever yesterday...I was surprised by how easy it was...