Okay, I'm Obsessed!

Why, when there is a certain album that I particularly like do I listen to it obsessively? I mentioned a few posts ago that I had recently re-discovered the Matthew Good band and that I was really enjoying them. I do not think I was completely honest here because recently I have become obsessed with only listening to Matt Good, which is quite unfortunate because we only have one album. For the past three days all I have listened to is Matt Good. That's not too weird you say, she must not listen to music that much in a day, but really it is a problem. I have probably listened to the album at least 20 times in the last couple of days. In fact I am also listening to it right now. I also did this with the Dixie Chicks a couple of months ago. I don't do this with all albums just some.

Do you do this? Which bands do you listen to obsessively or am I just a weirdo. (Marc assures me that is true whether I listen to the same band every day or not.)

P.S While I am currently listening to Beautiful Midnight as I type I am also downloading more Matt Good so I don't need to drive Marc too insane. Yesterday he needed to make a phone call and I got quite upset with him when he turned off Matt Good so he could hear, especially because it was only like the fifth time I had listened that day. The nerve!!!


Mama Bear said...

i am the same way. I too am weird.

*shelley hangs head in shame*

Anonymous said...

I'm the same as well.
I've done 6 hour + long road trips only listening to Matt Good.
My favourite is the Avalanche Album.

Katherine said...

I do it too, though not to same extent as you I think. My current album that I do this with is Cat Power: You are free.

It's freaking awesome.

In the past I have listened to Sufjan Stevens, Neko Case, Metric and Gillian Welch obsessively.

In fact, I think most of the time when I get a new cd I listen to it numerous times in a row to get to know it.

megan said...

I was at one point totally addicted to "Kind of Blue"- Miles Davis's most famous album... he walked in to the recording studio and laid down some of the most addictive music ever. It literally affected my mood- very meditative, relaxed, creative space.

I have also chain listened to some Rich Mullins and Jack Johnson. Oh and I love the Sefjan Stevens you gave me! I've been playing it for my kids all week.

Anonymous said...

I can fit 12 CD's in the CD changer in my car, and I've kept Corb Lund, Natalie McMaster, 'Spirit of the West', and 'Matt Mays & El Torpedo' in there for over a year! Some music you just can't live without.