recent activities

cross country skiing near the base of crowsnest mountain with aaron my dad and niko

braving the descent of deadman's freeway

going for walks in the coulees

playing killer pingpong (thwack pong) with family friends

baking a bizzarly shaped angel food cake and deciding to make a trifle


Anonymous said...

I like the pics. Looks like you guys are having fun over there! What's the difference between normal ping pong and killer pingpong?

marcandorkylie said...

in killer pingpong you hit the ball, then put down the paddle and run to the other side of the table and the next person in line has to pick it up and return the next hit. this is happening on both sides.
if you miss the ball you get taken down and roughed up, which generally consists of being given a noogie, getting tickled and taking kidney shots all at the same time. oh and you get a letter towards the christmas acronym of your choice. this year hoser naturally extended to hoserific.

Anonymous said...

sounds dangerous :O