We're Home!

We had a wonderful Christmas visiting with family and friends. Hope you did too!
We got home this afternoon after a two day drive back from Lethbridge. Today was a great drive. Yesterday was not so much. While driving just outside of Nanton, I told Marc that I felt the car pulling. I thought the roads were getting icy but they looked fine. He agreed that they were fine until we saw a car in front of us spin out on the highway, do a 180 in the ditch and go through a barbed wire fence into a farmer's field. I decided to stop and see if he was okay and switch drivers. I started to slow down by gearing down and then hit the brakes (very lightly!) when we were going about 60km/hr. As soon as I hit the brakes, we slid into the next lane and went right into the ditch in the middle of the highway. Luckily we were all fine (although my Grandpa who was in the back got quite squished by all our stuff but it could have been much worse). Thank goodness for tie downs! Marc's sister Julie also went in the ditch in the same area going the opposite direction at the same time! We must have just missed each other.

We decided after a stressful drive through Canmore and Banff that we would stop in Golden for the evening. We had a wonderful evening there going for a walk to Cedar Lake with Niko. Afterwards we went out for dinner to see our friend Julie who has so graciously agreed to take Niko while we are in Africa. We sat in the hot tub and then had a good sleep before going out for breakfast with Julie and heading out on the road. A much better drive today!!!

Here is a picture of Cedar Lake in Golden in summer '05. Marc and I lived there for two months as part of his rural placement. We did a lot of swimming and hanging out at Cedar Lake. Here is a picture of me by the lake in a picture we took for Marc's cousins who were coming to camp there.

When we walked there last night it was such a winter wonderland! There was snow up to our knees and all the trees were covered in snow. The ice was totally frozen and when we walked out into the middle of the lake the sky was pink with the sunset and it was absolutely beautiful. We wish we had our camera to show you all. Instead (grrrrrr) I will have to re-create last nights image in photoshop. (Or I shall say Marc will recreate the image in photoshop. I love it!)

Here are some other pics from Christmas. You will have to imagine my Christmas with my mom, grandpa, brother and sister in law as we had no camera. (We shamelessly stole Marc's parents and sisters camera during the holidays but alas could not sercure digital gold on Christmas Day. (I must apologize for all of the non-camera laments on this blog. I realize we discuss this much more than some other non-camera bloggers. Apparently I rely too much on pictures!)

This is me with my gingerbread house I created

Marc and his creation

Evil Christmas Niko

Christmas Eve

Marc's sister Shareen and her husband Craig couldn't come home for Christmas so we used Skype and a webcam to bring them to us. It was strange hearing Shareen's voice in the living room but not seeing Shareen! Here's Marc videoing us for S and C. You can check out Shareen's blog for pictures from her end.

Posing for a picture at my dad's

Cross Country Skiing in The Pass

Celebrating my birthday at my mom's

Okay this is a long post (as usual) but we were busy bees over Christmas. (As you can see I WAS sleeping in my birthday picture.) Happy New Year to all and to all a good night!

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Anonymous said...

still sad we couldn't be there, but the pictures look fun. hopefully we'll be able to get together again soon.