home safe

well, we have arrived safely home from our week long kenya tour with kylie's mom. we had a fantastic and restful time, saw a lot of jungle and uncountable animals, and enjoyed reasonably safe transport on terrible roads (oh, and freaking AMAZING food!)

unfortunately our totally legal copy of photoshop stopped working for no apparent reason, so i have to figure out how to fix it or get another graphics conversion utility before we can share our plethora of pictures. so although kylie is dying to share our time at rondo retreat in the kakamega rainforest, you will have to content yourself with this brief phototour for now.

as a sidenote, our good friend diana from university recently started a blog updating us on her life in london. when diana does something she does it right, so check it out if you know her... or even if you don't i suppose.

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Anonymous said...

Hey ya'll!!
I found your website.
Marc, I can't believe you cut your beautiful long locks!! ANd Kylie, I think Marc did a fantastic job, much better than that Kenyan lady who did mine = )
I can see that you went on vacation. WOW, it seems like you had fun!