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We haven't blogged for a while so we have quite a bit to post about. We are currently in the country of Jordan to see Petra and just arrived here this afternoon. In the last few days we spent some time in Mitzphe Ramon which is in the Negev desert in southern Israel. We plan on being in Jordan for a few days before heading back to Jerusalem and then Turkey which will probably bring our first snow in well over a year!

Before we left Jerusalem we headed to the Israeli museum. We saw some of the original Dead Sea Scrolls as well as a model of Jerusalem in 66 AD before it was destroyed by the Romans.

We also saw an exhibit on modern Chinese art that was probably our favourite part of the museum. Nothing to do with Israel but extremely interesting and provocative nonetheless.

Sorry this is sideways and since it took so long to upload I am going to post it anyways. This artist had someone write an ancient Chinese legend about a man who tried to move a mountain on his face as well as different Chinese words about fate until he was completely covered in black.

After leaving Jerusalem we headed to the desert where I thought of a post I could do. Since we haven't had internet access in awhile it will be lumped in the middle of this one. The title is:

You know you're in a militarized country when:
1. The girl in front of you in line at the Burger Inn has an M-16 on her back. (Sorry I forgot to rotate the picture but I think the gun is still visible.) ;)
2. When hiking through the desert (on a very beautiful hike I must say) you hear several fighter jets above you and then see some dropping pretend bombs.

3. At the museum there is a place for you to check your weapons. Marc also got asked by a security guard if he forgot to check any weapons he had in his bag. ummmm no.

4. Your hostel (that cost $100 #$**% per night) looks like a jail cell.

5. The hiking sign is riddled with bullet holes. I am almost out of time here so I can't upload this picture but I'm sure you all can imagine it.

Tomorrow or the next day hopefully you will see some beautiful sandstone picture on this blog o'ours. Also please keep Kenya in your thoughts and prayers. We have been watching the news with extreme sadness the past few days. The church that was burnt to the ground where over 50 people died was the city that we always did our shopping in. Hopefully some sort of settlement can be agreed upon soon!

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