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august has been so packed that there has been no time for a proper blog post. looking at our blog and realizing that it has been well over 2 weeks since our last post, i decided it was time to stop holding out for a thorough tour of august and put up a whirlwind version instead... first up: DJ3J!
josh has once again included us on his yearly sojourn across the oft frozen hinterland of canada. it was a quick visit, but we managed to get in a hike, increasing our flexibility with wii fit,
posing on deconstructed delivery vans,
and eating lots of blackberries!

next came fraser, on his way back from the yukon (as pictured above) with trusty rufus.

mister multiple molten motes showed up at a chaotic time for us, but managed to fit himself into our schedule and even bbq'd up some tasty cedar planked salmon.

fraser is now 2 for 3 on seeing bears when we comes to visit us. this one was lazing on the banks of the fraser after (presumably) gorging himself on blackberries.

once again, we trained both our minds and our bodies with wii fit. josh is naturally very flexible, and fraser is naturally very balanced.

finally (after kylie left for lethbridge for a week and i worked) we got to see our old friend arie. the one who welcomed us to the fraser valley 5 years ago now lives in faraway regina. we met at the langley zoo (that is arie and samuel on the right of the frame).

samuel is certainly energetic, and an absolute delight. who knew a tractor could find gainful employment delivering timbits to ravenous young train engineers? thanks arie and samuel for coming out to play!

and finally i would like to end with a quote from a globe and mail article on aug 21, about an emerging subculture of people who form lasting relationships with inanimate objects:

"Mr. Hall-Ford, who is autistic, says he is currently dating two small soundboards and is careful about telling people why he carries them around. His first heartbreak occurred when he was excommunicated from a church after being told he loved the sanctuary's soundboard more than he loved Jesus."


Anonymous said...

Loved the quote. I don't feel quite as crazy for considering country music to count as my first love (sorry Brad...my love for my first love is still burning strong). Although that doesn't really count as an inanimate object does it?

Vicky H

Katherine said...

leave it to Fraser to bbq up some cedar planked salmon. He probably caught it himself the day before on his way down to see you.

marcandorkylie said...

it was in fact wild alaskan salmon, and loving country music makes more sense to me than loving the soundboard that channels it though there is beauty in either.