so pitted

our friend rob just linked to this video

"you just drop in... sup aaa aaa aarh! ... then after that, you ride the barrel and get pitted... so pitted"

apparently it's been around for a few years, but i'd never seen it before tonight... i've already watched it ~20 times.

love it!


Lowell & Julie said...

dude that is just the best video ever dude! I think that dude is pitted, so pitted!

tyrnandkelsey said...

SOOOWO PAH! DUUUUUUDE, and then SWOURHPAH!! TOTALLY. I love the failblog, lot's of hilarious stuff. Check out Home Shopping Fail, it's my favourite.

- Ty

Mama Bear said...

haha! is that even english?

Anonymous said...

My vocabulary has expanded thanks to you Marc. I enjoyed the "Unicycle Fail" choice too.