Heatless in Seattle

Marc and I spent last weekend in Seattle with his parents and sister and brother in law, Shareen and Craig. We had a wonderful time seeing the sights, walking around and took in a baseball game! Thankfully, although it was hot it was not as HOT as it has been here this week and we could escape to our lovely air conditioned room.

We started the weekend off with a tour of the Boeing factory:

Marc and Shareen both designed planes I would be very leery to fly in (Marc's did have over 300 seats in first class though!)
At the first Starbucks, it was too hot for coffee so I got a smoothie

For our friend Shawn, these are all over Seattle, who knew your coffee was so popular? Now you just need to start drinking it!
Marc's version of double fisting it. One was purchased and one was free!

We stopped at iHop 2 out of the 3 mornings we were there and it ended up being cheaper than McDonalds!
On Saturday evening we went out to celebrate Pete and Bette's anniversary!

On our way home from dinner we stopped at the Space Needle and Marc had fun capturing its image in the Seattle Sound experience.

On Sunday we went in search of a church and found the most amazing African American Episcopalian church. It was so lively and welcoming and we all thoroughly enjoyed our experience there! (Shareen and I also got a free clinique cream from the lady in front of us!) Afterwards we found a cupcake place for our own version of after church coffee. Much tastier than most churches I have been to!
We stopped at the infamous gum wall for Shareen to add her addition. (Is that redundant?)

Craig is amused, watching his wife further stickify Seattle

If Pete had a facebook page, we think this should be his profile picture
Getting some relief from the heat, I wish we had one of these in our backyard right now!
Marc beginning to enjoy his sampler beer tray before we headed out to the Blue Jays vs Mariners game!

A great weekend was had by all, thanks for all your planning Shareen and Craig!


shareen said...

my two favorite quotes from the trip, "did you leave your air conditioner on?" and "STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE!"

funny word verification - hymentan - haha

Lowell & Julie said...

I want to get Dad started on facebook JUST so he can have that profile picture. He doesn't need any friends... just a cool profile picture.

Hope your weather has cooled down some. There was a RIDICULOUS storm at the farm yesterday which ripped the fields and gardens to shreds. Looks like our summer will be a little different ONCE AGAIN!

tyrnandkelsey said...

Looks like a great trip. We were actually thinking of going to Seattle at the same time to watch the same game! But we didn't. I didn't know about the gum wall. I'll have to add that to the itinerary next time we go.