I actually started this blog so I could post to my friend Sparks' elitist blog. His only post read "temporary". However his blog seems to be more of a place holder at this time, so I am reposting my midnight ramblings here.

temporary eh?
I've really noticed lately how temporary the present is. My conciousness feels like a constant and yet the only constant in my reality is the rapidity of change. I am in a different situation than i was in yesterday and the choices available to me at any one time have been subtly altered by what has occurred around me in the last 5 minutes. However all that has occurred around me has been influenced by the choices I have made in the time leading up to that.
Having recognized this phenomenon you would think that i would take advantage of it, but the weeks seem to fly by with only my pinky maintaining a tenuous grip on the steeringwheel of my life.


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