I went for another snowy bike ride today with my friend Levi. Unfortunately it was so slippery that i endoed in the first 2m of the trail and broke my rear brake. Those of you who mountain bike will already know that slippery trails and front tire braking are a bad combo. I fell a lot. Fortunately i was not going full speed so I now have multiple small bruises rather than multiple large bruises and long bone fractures.

This is the head of the trail. I broke my brake 5 feet to the right of this picture.

Here is Levi ripping it up on Mexican Ninja.

Here is Niko ripping it up on Mexican Ninja.

Here is Levi and Niko ripping it up on Mexican Ninja.


Nicola said...

Ahh, mountain biking. I've never tried!

Stephen and Amber said...

Hey guys,
I love the blog and we are pumped to keep in touch with you in this way. I love the nipple blog! We will be checking in frequently!

shareen said...

awwwww, my little bloggers are getting so popular... you're getting so growed up.

marcandorkylie said...

Stephen and Amber and Shareen, I just posted a comment on your blog but the number isn't showing up. My comment is there, but it still says 0 comments. Any ideas as to why?

shareen said...

sometimes blogger is stupid...and the blog needs to be republished before the number of comments will be shown...but it'll still be there. Or else the screen just needs to be refreshed.

On an unrelated note (related to your unrelated note) I actually just sent you a note today that included a swatch of the fabric. Funny, eh?

c-haynes said...

ahhhaa I tracked you down and now I will link you to my blog

p.s. all the cool kids go with the haloscan commenting system but be ware if you switch it you will loose your comments but you can get them back if you are comp swavy

Mama Bear said...

welcome to the world of blog! I had no idea that Niko could mountain bike. Maybe he can teach me a thing or two.