I love my boots . . .

(Sung to the tune of In the Jungle)

I love my boots
I love my boots
I love my boots
I love my boots
(sung continually quietly in the background)

In the 'wack the rainy wack I bought my boots last year
In the wack the rainy wack I purchased hiking gear

I love my boots!

Up the mountains the craggy mountains, my boots help me to climb
Up the mountains the peaky mountains I get off the trail on time

I love my boots!

Through the river the Vedder River did I tread in my boots
In the river the Vedder River I love to wet my boots

I love my boots!

In the snow the thick deep snow my boots warm my feet
In the snow the fluffy snow my boots keep in the heat

I love my boots! (shouted the last time!!!!)

Here are some pictures of me wearing my hiking boots last week when we went to Parksville to visit Marc's parents for a couple days.
We went on a hike to Cathedral Grove. (A Forest of Douglas Fir trees up to four or five hundred years old.)Both Marc and I have been there before but it was great to see it with all the snow!

This is the biggest tree in the Cathedral Grove Forest.

I did a somersault in the snow.

We went out to dinner one night to the restaurant at the place we were staying. It was great food and we got to eat beside a huge 3000 gallon fishtank.

These are a couple pictures from the week before. This was from the night BEFORE the big snowfall. We thought it was snowing a lot then!

This is just a funny picture. I am not sure what Marc and I are doing. I love that Bette is pulling Suvi into the picture and Shareen and Craig are just smiling like nothing is going on.

I know my song is cheesy but keep in mind I am writing this at 1:30 in the morning when I really should be just going to bed!!


marcandorkylie said...

I'm just being lazy right now because I don't want to log back in and edit my post and republish so I am commenting to say that I did not mention in my song that my boots were really on sale! They are so great. Kylie

Anonymous said...

wow! you really have strong feelings for your footwear. that makes me....jealous! I still need a good winter pair. where did you get yours? so that i can sing a happy tune like you.
also, if you are too tired to log back in to edit your blog, then it is definately TOO late for you and you should be getting to bed!
but how, at such a late hour with laziness and full awareness of your cheesiness, are you able to create such a clever song. does your true song genius unleash in the late night?

Anonymous said...

what kind of boots are they? Are they Sorels? I LOVE sorels!

marcandorkylie said...

They are Northface. I love them! Maybe one day I could love a Sorel but right now I am committed to my lovely northfaces. K

michaelia and jason said...

I didn't know you were so talented. I don't think I'm that passionate about any of my clothing that I own at the moment... well maybe my puffy vest. That would be an interesting song to write.. Can you get me started? What sort of tune should the puffy vest song have?

Joanna said...

I love the song, I love the somersault pictures, and I love the "shareen and craig - the calm in the storm" picture. but an embarassing fact and hinderance to my enjoyment of this blog - i can't think for the life of me what the "in the jungle" tune is, and so i am sort of attempting random upward and downward melodic movement as i read the words to myself and it's not pretty. help.

~Nanc. said...

Hey... where is Suvi these days?

You can't just randomly let her appear in a picture on your blog and then not give us the update on her!

And are you still enjoying bloodletting?

Sorry... I was busy for a while and am catching up on everyone's old posts. So much has happened!

And I liked that other guys' idea! My verification word was igousuj.