May I present to you . . . A photographic tour of Sydney

Sydney Nightlife
A babble of boys
Hell hath no fury like a bird in a mall
Is that my mother's bum?
Night sky bullseye
Cure for the hiccups?
George Street
Betty does it better :(

The Strand Mall
Sydney makes me form the letter X
Glowing Fountain

The Mac Store, Oh The Mac Store
The opera house dance
Sails from a distance, U of L cement up close
Quintessential Sydney
L'entrance du l'hotel
Bed at The Vibe
Will you be my valentine?


Lowell & Julie said...

Haha....ohhhhh U of L cement. What was likely the cause of the high suicide rate (well, that and the wind).

Glad you guys are safely back in sunny NZ!! See you in a couple weeks:)

Anonymous said...

Oooo Sidney looks really cool! Wish I was there and stuck on this couch:)

Anonymous said...

Dot, Dallas and I were going to meet at the Queen Vic statue...according to us we were all on time and a half hour later we discovered that we were all on our own side and wasted all that kid free time!!!
Have fun Jackie