Oh the places you’ll go, the people you meet, the food you eat and the water through your feet!

Marc and I are on our way back to Auckland after a weekend away in Whangerei. (This could be considered a semi-live blog, I am typing as we drive, just won’t be able to publish it until we are home.) As we were driving we started talking about some of the amazing places we have had the opportunity to stay at. I think we have a theme for this post . . .

The most amazing places Marc and Kylie have ever stayed up until and including January 31, 2009 . . . (in no particular order. Since there is no winner the runner up will not be able to take the place of the first runner up in the case of a hurricane, fire, freak lightning strike, ???? etc…)
Most of these places we realized have been a combination of the place, the people who have run them as well as the amazing FOOD they serve!!! Oh the People, places and provisions!

1. Rondo Retreat in Kakamega, Kenya
We stayed here with my mom when she came to Kenya in June 2007. We also brought Marc’s parents back when they came to visit us in August. The grounds the dining room and just the overall relaxing atmosphere make this a sure addition to our list! (Do I sound like a travel magazine?)

2. Miscellaneous House in Lamu Kenya.
The food here was crappy *(that’s because we had to make it staying here!) but the location and surroundings were unbeatable as well as the open-air top floor with ocean views.
3. Hornbill camp Ssese Islands, Uganda
This was probably the most remote place on our list, only accessible by ferry. We visited Hornbill Camp in July 2007 on our Uganda trip with Chris (Does he even have a blog anymore?) H. The banda left a little to be desired (rodents running around at night on the ceiling beams is not really my cup of tea) but the food made by Grace, the company, world-class sunsets and nightly campfires redeemed it despite the creepy crawlers.

4. Mount Zion, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Ali the bartender helped to create the laid back fun atmosphere on the beach. **The scenery didn’t hurt either and neither did the banana milkshakes!

5. The White Dessert, Egypt
Even though we were staying in tents, the unique experience of staying in the dessert and our guide Antar helps to secure this arid region a place on the list.

6. Nile Hilton
Marc booked us into the Hilton (I think this will be the only time in my life that I can write booked us into the Hilton. Unless we hit some sort of animal on the road here. Marc and I have a bet . . . if we kill an animal with Gus I get to pick the first place we stay in Vietnam, if we don’t he does. I think the chances are on my side as there is a lot of road kill here. Ho Chi Minh Hilton here we come!) for my 29th birthday. It was just a welcome break from our regular $2/night accomodations in Egypt! It had a bathtub and a weigh scale!! And a balcony overlooking the Nile and pancake breakfasts!

7. Hotel Rembrant Amsterdam, The Netherlands
This was our first stop on our way to Kenya (almost exactly two years ago!!!! I almost can’t believe that.) The breakfast room was the highlight here with its huge expansive ceilings as well as all the food to steal for lunch!
8. Harrison Hot Springs Resort, Harrison, BC, Canada
Despite a rocky start to our relationship here, and two sneak-ins we fully enjoyed Harrison Hot Springs on my 30th birthday. With the falling snow, massages and great food this is the only Canadian place on the list! (Harrison you don’t know how lucky you are! Change your parking policy and you will be golden!)

*The food in Lamu was awesome!!! It just wasn’t so hot when we made it. Sorry Marc and Carlynne if I am offending your culinary prowess.
**I am noticing a fourth theme I could add. A lot of these places involve a body of water. So… places, people, provisions and piscine! (There’s some French for you at home to know we are still thinking of Canada!)

Stay tuned later this week for the latest addition to the list!!

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