A little bit of this and a little bit of that . . .

Marc and I are back in Queenstown for the third . . . or the fourth time. We arrived last night just in time to see some NZ "snowbirds" give us a show. As we are creatures of habit, we ate our fourth Ferg Burger as well last night. Today, Marc is FINALLY mountain biking at Coronet Peak. While he has enjoyed it, it has affirmed his love of Canadian mountain biking.
His butt doesn't usually get this dirty in Canada!

A little bit of this. A few pictures of late:

Our pillows that we sleep on. Hopefully we do suwive it.

A few more pictures of the Christchurch Botanical Gardens
Waving to Julie and Lowell in Auckland's general direction
Campervan Art

I felt a bit weird taking this picture, as I had to zoom in unknowingly on children walking home from school but if you look closely you can see that they are wearing flourescent yellow vests. We arrived into Te Anau (the access town for Milford Sound) just as school was letting out and we were greeted with children boarding the school bus with yellow vests, as well as walking home. And we thought Canada was extra safety conscious!

And a little bit of that.

We have not yet written about Puzzling World. We stopped at this perplexing, puzzling place in Wanaka on our way to Christchurch to fly to Sydney. It is a museum of holograms, as well as a 'balance room.' It is one of the funnest museums we have ever been to and we especially enjoyed the balance room as well as the perspective room.

Going to the bathroom with the ancient Romans, quite the experience!

We have been working out a lot on this trip and thus are able to lift a heavy tower!


How would you feel having many Nelson Mandelas and Beethoven's watch your every move as you walk around a room? Very musical and free, I presume. ;)

Marc has really grown a lot on this trip!
In the balance room, the floor is slanted but the walls and doors are put in upright so it looks like you should be straight but aren't! It's very confusing to your brain! Everyone was walking around like they were drunk . . . and laughing like they were too!

Now we are off to Doubtful Sound for a two day kayak trip! We hope the weather cooperates!

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Lowell & Julie said...

I thought giving birth would be a painful experience... But it sounds more appealing to have a baby slip out of my birth canal than to poop out a TOWER!

Right after I read your post, I stepped outside, faced in the general direction of Queenstown, waved and called "Hello Marc & Kylie!!!"

We look forward to seeing you soonish!