September in a Nutshell

September passed quickly, with Ty starting preschool and two camping trips (our last for the season), a music festival and multiple visitors.  We have been busy!

Ty was sooo excited to start preschool.  Everyday in August he asked if today was a preschool day.  Finally the first day came and he ran into the school and started playing with the toys.  I walked out the door without him even acknowledging my leaving and when I came to pick him up he asked why he couldn't stay longer.  He is in a class of all boys (crazy!) but he loves it and is learning lots. 

It has been nice to have Zeke on his own a few hours a week.  Here he is showing us what a ham he is without his brother around. ;)  He is so happy to have access to ALL the toys while Ty is gone and to play without someone dictating which toys he should play with.

The first two weeks of September were absolutely beautiful and they happened to coincide with Nana and Papa's visit. Before we went camping with had some visits with old friends . . . 
The Brouwers (Pete's teacher from his Edmonton days, they also worked together in Nigeria)

Dave and Andrea

We had borrowed our friends trailer (to help with the music festival) and then used it to take some stuff to the dump.  Ty was very happy to help Daddy and Papa. 

Reading books with Papa on the deck
 Visit with Uncle Gil, Auntie Helen and Marcy

We headed out to Bear Creek for a couple of nights and the weather was amazing!! 30 degrees in mid-September!  No wonder I put my flip flops on a couple of days ago, only to realize it is no longer flip flop season.  Boo! (This means I have to match socks again.  Ugh!)

Ty loves campfires and smores.  What wonderful memories our boys are making!
Throwing rocks in the water . . .

Ty is now officially a "mountain biker", doing dirt paths with roots and bumps.  He is currently not interested in having a bike with pedals as he likes his kick bike too much.

There are no showers at Bear Creek so the lake will have to do.  And what a lovely lake it is!!!

Dinner in the shade at the site next to us.  It was too hot and sunny at our table!
Ty spent hours playing in the rocks and the dirt with his cars.  Here he is taking a break:
Zeke's first kayak trip in his own seat.  He was perfectly happy to lay there for about 20 minutes while Marc and I paddled.
A lovely sunset (with a moon rise as well).  Oh you don't see the moon?  That's because the moon belongs to our lovely camping neighbour who had a penchant for fishing naked, taking naked walks and bathing naked in his site.  Fun times! ;)

Awesome campfire on the beach

Zeke and Nana throwing their hands in the air

Well this was going to be the whole month of September in a nutshell but Ty is coming home from school and my kitchen is a disaster so . . . you will have to wait to read about our last trip to Bear Creek!  My kitchen thanks you.

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