The rest of September . . .

Since it is already mid way through October, I must finish September in this ol' blog of ours.  The river is back!!  After flowing all summer it has now receded and our beaches are back baby!  The boys are super happy.  Our house and car not so much.  Lots of mud and sand.  Oh well, I prefer a dirty house and happy boys!

Ty is in a race car phase right now.  He LOVES the movie Cars and will spend hours a day playing race cars in his room or upstairs on our Turkish carpet (it has a nice track embroidered on the outside.  Marc just mentioned that little did he know when he bought me that carpet for my birthday that it would become Ty's race car track.)  Here he is racing on our downstairs carpet after lining up all the other toys to watch the race.  So cute!
In mid-September we headed to Bear Creek for our final trip of the season.  We love this place and can't wait to go back next year.  The weather was great for the first two days and then rained on the last day.  I think this was only the second (maybe third) rainy day of our entire time spent at Bear Creek so nothing to complain about.  We muddied buddied it up and the boys didn't mind at all!

One of the perks of camping with a motorhome . . . ice cream cones!

I can't believe how fat Zeke looks here.  Hee hee!

We actually closed down the place (literally).  The camp hosts had headed home one week early but they left the gate open so we were able to camp for the weekend.  When a forestry official showed up to lock it we were already camping there so he gave us the lock and asked us to lock up when we left.  Maybe we can open next spring too. ;)

Marc headed to Whistler for the annual emerg conference and had a great time biking learning. 

Zeke is growing fast and currently loves to smear things in his hair.  Here daddy left him to feed himself yogurt.  He obviously needed a bath after. ;)

We just pulled out Ty's old green jacket and both Marc and I were surprised how well it fit Zeke!  He's not a baby anymore!!

We just got back from a lovely Thanksgiving in Lethbridge and will blog about it soon!  (Once we steal pictures from our family members) ;)


shareen said...

What a fun September! I love the picture of Ty with all his toys waiting to watch the race - so so cute. And Zeke in his muddy buddy, how adorable is he?

Unknown said...

James just found a few hot wheel cars that he has outgrown, we will save them from the thrift store for Ty!