Thanksgiving in Lethbridge

October has been absolutely beautiful here in Chilliwack. We have been out enjoying the river a lot as well as the beaches.

We left the beauty of Chilliwack for the beauty of Alberta for Thanksgiving.  We were happy to be home with all Marc's siblings and got to meet our new niece Finola.  We flew to Calgary, then rented a car and drove down to Lethbridge.  On our way we stopped in the bustling town of Mossleigh and ate lunch on a train.  Note to future Mossleigh stoppers:  if you have a toddler who loves to pull things off the shelves the Mossleigh train is not for you.  Lovely restaurant and great food but no high chair and lots of china on display for little hands to grab.  We ate fast and spent a lot of time keeping Zeke away from the fine china.

We made it to Lethbridge just in time for a lovely dinner with everyone and some singing afterwards.

On Thanksgiving morning we had a lovely birthday breakfast for Julie and Carlynne then headed out to Gyro Park for some morning fun.

Here is Zeke drinking a juice box that we did not bring.  Hee hee.  Thanks random after church party (who also happened to know Julie and Carlynne)

Lovely Finola Rose (who we came to meet)

Thanksgiving Dinner:
We did family pictures the next day, this is one of the previews - looks great!  Unfortunately Zeke screamed for most of the photo session  - rebelling against family photos, just like his father? ;) 

After the weekend Dan and Carlynne headed back out east and we had lots more family time before we had to head back home:

Ty got this new remote digger from Nana and Papa.  He loves it!

Shareen and I did face masks in the hot tub one night.  Crazy ladies!

Hot Tub time:

We stayed with my dad for the second half of the week and one night we got Pita Pit and headed to Indian Battle for a picnic.

We also spent lots of time with my mom and Brad, Raquel and Maria

Playing at Grandma's Park

Thanksgiving at my mom's:

Zeke loves riding toys.  Animals, cars, you name it . . . he is happy to ride on it!  

Playing with Brad's micro machines set.  He LOVED this! Too bad they don't make them anymore.

Some Grandma lovin'!

Julie did manage to get a photo of all four grandsons (with room in the middle for Finola) with all of them matchy matchy and smiling!

What a lovely visit! Looking forward to being back in December.

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